Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The President's Challenge

Do you remember taking the Presidential Physical Fitness Test when you were in school? Every year we had to do sit ups, squat thrusts, agility tests, etc. to see how fit we were. If you got a 10 out of 10 you got a patch. I wanted one of those patches so badly! I always felt like an underachiever (and still do!) so that patch was always something I aimed for. The closest I came was a score of 9 my senior year. Ugg! I was so close!

Anyway, this test is still around and adults can sign up for the Presidents' Challenge. Any time you do something active, you log your activity to earn points. Even things like playing Wii earns you points! Once you earn 20,000 points, you achieve a Bronze award; earn 45,000 points, you achieve a Silver award; etc.

Well, I'm happy to announce that this morning's run on the treadmill earned me the points needed to reach 20,000 total points and the Bronze Award. I can finally say I earned my patch! I was able to achieve this with activity dating back to July 2009. And during this time, I took off a month from August to September and about a month and a half from the end of September to the middle of November. Since I'm now training for a tri, the Silver Award should come a lot quicker. Maybe I'm not underachieving as much as I thought!


So, why is it that I see myself as an underachiever? Why do I always have to compare myself to others and think that I'm a complete failure and the people I'm comparing myself to are such winners? I always think, Why can't I...

dress nicer?
be taller?
have long, slender legs?
get pregnant again?
have a nicer vehicle?
run faster?
jump higher?
play golf better?
weigh less?
make more money?
Etc, etc, etc...

I guess I'm just looking to be "perfect." I must be crazy to be upset that I can't achieve all of this. I mean WHO CAN?!?!?!?! NO ONE!!!!!!!

Some day in this blog I'm going to post something called the "45 Life Lessons by Reg Brett, age 90." In the meantime, I will post one of his Life Lessons:

13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

I just need to strive to do my best with the resources I have and enjoy the journey. I'm sure there are thousands and thousands of people who would trade places with me in a heartbeat, so I'll be grateful for this life I have, because it's pretty damn good!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Recap and My 3 G's (Belated)

Well, my plan was to do a weekly recap and 3 G's (I'll explain this in a minute) on Sunday, but it just didn't happen. On Sunday night I fell asleep twice on the couch, so I guess my body is still adjusting to my increased activity. On Monday night I was glued to the TV watching SU basketball beat Georgetown. What an incredible game! They started the game down 14-0 and ended up crushing G'town. Go 'Cuse!!!! OK, back to my blog...

Weekly Recap

* Swim

  • 8 X 100 yds = 800
  • 4 X 25 yds = 100
  • 1 X 300 = 300
Total = 1,200 yds

  • 8 X 100 yds = 800
  • 1 X 400 yds = 400
Total = 1,200 yds

WEEK TOTAL = 2,400 yds

* Bike

-Tuesday 20 min at spin class
-Thursday 20 min at spin class

WEEK TOTAL = 40 min at spin class

* Run

-Saturday 20 min on treadmill

WEEK TOTAL = 20 min

* Weights

-Saturday 1 hour in Y-Body Cuts class

WEEK TOTAL = 1 hour

My 3 G's
Now to explain the 3 G's. Dr. Robert Kiltz (Dr. Rob for short) has been working with me and my husband with our fertility issues. He encourages his patients to come up with what he calls the 3 G's on a daily basis:
  • Gratitude - What you are thankful for
  • Goals - What you hope to achieve
  • Game Plan - What you will do to get closer to achieving those goals
I thought this would be perfect to use in my triathlon training too, but I'll do this weekly, not daily. So, here goes:

  • I have love and support from my husband Dan and son Alex
  • I have the North Area Family YMCA and their programs to assist me in my training
  • I have seen progress this week both in the pool and on the bathroom scale (3 pounds!)

1. Increase my daily and weekly distance in the pool
2. Get a better swim suit
3. Attend Y-Body Cuts at least 2 times this week (Saturday and Tuesday and/or Thursday)
4. Pay more attention to nutrition

Game Plan

1a. If possible, stay a little later in the pool Wednesday night
1b. Add distance in the pool Sunday when you are there on your own
2. Order a one piece Speedo on
3a. Go to bed at 9:30 PM Monday and/or Wednesday
3b. Set the alarm on my cell phone and put it on my dresser so I have to get out of bed to turn it off
4a. Remind myself that the main purpose for eating is to fuel my body, not for enjoyment (that's a secondary purpose!)
4b. Bring carrots instead of chips for lunch
4c. Drink water instead of soda with lunch
4d. Eat dessert 2 nights a week, not 7!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes! Progress!

Swimming Update

As I stated in yesterday's post, the swimming portion of the tri is the one I fear the most because I never have really done any distance swimming. When I was younger, the most I did was jump off the diving board, swim to the ladder, then did it all over again. I signed up for the Level 2 swim clinic at the Y because it was for people who could swim 50+ yards and wanted to work on technique. I wasn't really sure how far I really could swim, but I knew I definitely wanted some technique help. The Level 3 clinic was for people who could swim 200+ yards and I didn't know if I really could. So, Level 2 it was!

Unfortunately the first week we didn't work on technique at all and the second week we had to ask for it. Personally, I didn't really mind too much about working on endurance, but I wanted at least a little help with my technique. For all I knew my technique was crap! Why work on endurance if my technique needs help?!?! I could be wasting a ton of energy swimming poorly and maybe all I would need was a small change to make a world of difference. Ends up, my technique was pretty good, so I was ready for working on endurance week 3.

So, although I really just wanted to curl up on the couch and fall asleep at 7:00 PM, I headed out into the cold night for my clinic. And I'm happy to say, I did pretty well! Looks like someone might have complained about our clinic because our "coach" changed things up a bit. Unfortunately, two people who really wanted technique help didn't show last night. Not sure if they dropped out because they were frustrated or if they just had another commitment last night. Hope they come back because things look like they will get better.

Anyway, we started with a 100 yd warm-up. Then we did four 100's at our own pace. Took a little rest then did three timed 100's. After another rest, we did some sprints and did four timed 25's. After a 5 minute rest, we did a 300, my longest distance yet. AND I DID GREAT!!! During weeks 1 and 2, I needed to do some breaststroke because I tired quickly. I'm happy to report I didn't use that stroke at all last night. Woo hoo! I was able to find a good rhythm and felt great. In fact, I thought I could do another 100 yds. (Didn't advertise that to the "coach!") So, after 1, 200 yds last night, I am seeing progress. I'm actually surprised at how well I'm doing. Maybe there's hope for me yet!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Maiden Voyage!

Welcome to the launch of my new blog:

Mommy's Tri-ing!

I started it as a way to journal about training for my very first triathlon: the Aflac Iron Girl in Syracuse on Saturday, August 7, 2010.

Why tri?

I really have no idea where and when I got the urge to do a triathlon. Until recently, I had never even know anyone who had done a tri. I don't swim, bike, or run regularly, so it's not like I was looking for kick things up a notch. Whatever and whenever it was, I know it's been a few years that I've had this idea in my head, but I've never been motivated enough to actually do it...until now!

Last year the Iron Girl came to town and afterward I was so disappointed that I hadn't done it. Those of you who know me probably know that my husband and I have been trying to have a second child for about 3 years. Because of this, I've put off a lot of goals thinking that, once I do have a second child, that I can move on and accomplish these goals. Lately, a lot of frustration has built up because thoughts of "once I do have a second child" have been replaced with "if I have a second child." All this uncertainty has been driving me crazy because I've put my life on hold...until now!

I decided this would be the year to reach at least one goal: get pregnant or participate in a tri. However, I was nervous: Do I register for the race and possibly lose my entry fee if I get pregnant? Or do I wait to register and possibly have the race sell out? Luckily my problem was solved because an Iron Girl rep informed me that I can get a refund if I get pregnant.

So, on New Year's Eve, I got out my credit card (actually, it was my husband Dan's...thanks Honey!) and registered. Only one thing will get me out of this now!

Now What?!?!

Yesterday I registered this blog and that day marked 200 days to go until the race. I can be ready in that amount of time, right?!?! I have started some training already. My family has a membership at the North Area Family YMCA and they have a lot of programs to help you train. I've listed below my current training and fears for each discipline:

This is the area I'm fearing the most. I'm an average swimmer at best and have little endurance. Luckily, I'm currently participating in their Level 2 Swim Clinic and I'm working on my endurance. After 2 weeks I'm noticing a little improvement, so I guess I have some hope if I still have 6 1/2 months.

My biggest fear hear is getting a flat. The Y will be holding clinics on changing a flat, so hopefully I can master that. I also don't like hills, but I hear the course for this race is relatively flat. Yes! I'm currently taking what the Y calls the 8-Week Ride which is a spinning class which starts you out at only 15 minutes and builds you up to 1 hour. I'm doing pretty good so far except my butt hurts. I'm sure I'll get used to that in no time.

No clinics yet due to the lovely January weather in Syracuse. I have a left hip that acts up once in awhile, so this is my concern here. I guess worse come to worse, I can walk it as long as they don't close the course on me.

So, if you're reading this, I hope you stay with me and come along for my ride. I'm sure there will be some ups and downs in the next 6 1/2 months, but hopefully it will be a good experience that I can benefit from. Please add comments if you have any thoughts, questions, suggestions, etc. Any help I can give or receive (especially receive!) will be great.

That's all for now!