Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The President's Challenge

Do you remember taking the Presidential Physical Fitness Test when you were in school? Every year we had to do sit ups, squat thrusts, agility tests, etc. to see how fit we were. If you got a 10 out of 10 you got a patch. I wanted one of those patches so badly! I always felt like an underachiever (and still do!) so that patch was always something I aimed for. The closest I came was a score of 9 my senior year. Ugg! I was so close!

Anyway, this test is still around and adults can sign up for the Presidents' Challenge. Any time you do something active, you log your activity to earn points. Even things like playing Wii earns you points! Once you earn 20,000 points, you achieve a Bronze award; earn 45,000 points, you achieve a Silver award; etc.

Well, I'm happy to announce that this morning's run on the treadmill earned me the points needed to reach 20,000 total points and the Bronze Award. I can finally say I earned my patch! I was able to achieve this with activity dating back to July 2009. And during this time, I took off a month from August to September and about a month and a half from the end of September to the middle of November. Since I'm now training for a tri, the Silver Award should come a lot quicker. Maybe I'm not underachieving as much as I thought!


So, why is it that I see myself as an underachiever? Why do I always have to compare myself to others and think that I'm a complete failure and the people I'm comparing myself to are such winners? I always think, Why can't I...

dress nicer?
be taller?
have long, slender legs?
get pregnant again?
have a nicer vehicle?
run faster?
jump higher?
play golf better?
weigh less?
make more money?
Etc, etc, etc...

I guess I'm just looking to be "perfect." I must be crazy to be upset that I can't achieve all of this. I mean WHO CAN?!?!?!?! NO ONE!!!!!!!

Some day in this blog I'm going to post something called the "45 Life Lessons by Reg Brett, age 90." In the meantime, I will post one of his Life Lessons:

13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

I just need to strive to do my best with the resources I have and enjoy the journey. I'm sure there are thousands and thousands of people who would trade places with me in a heartbeat, so I'll be grateful for this life I have, because it's pretty damn good!

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  1. Debbie...I love the blog!! Congrats on putting it all there for everyone to see. That takes courage and determination. Keep it up on the swim stuff, and you'll be swimming 800 straight in no time.