Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Recap and My 3 G's (Belated)

Well, my plan was to do a weekly recap and 3 G's (I'll explain this in a minute) on Sunday, but it just didn't happen. On Sunday night I fell asleep twice on the couch, so I guess my body is still adjusting to my increased activity. On Monday night I was glued to the TV watching SU basketball beat Georgetown. What an incredible game! They started the game down 14-0 and ended up crushing G'town. Go 'Cuse!!!! OK, back to my blog...

Weekly Recap

* Swim

  • 8 X 100 yds = 800
  • 4 X 25 yds = 100
  • 1 X 300 = 300
Total = 1,200 yds

  • 8 X 100 yds = 800
  • 1 X 400 yds = 400
Total = 1,200 yds

WEEK TOTAL = 2,400 yds

* Bike

-Tuesday 20 min at spin class
-Thursday 20 min at spin class

WEEK TOTAL = 40 min at spin class

* Run

-Saturday 20 min on treadmill

WEEK TOTAL = 20 min

* Weights

-Saturday 1 hour in Y-Body Cuts class

WEEK TOTAL = 1 hour

My 3 G's
Now to explain the 3 G's. Dr. Robert Kiltz (Dr. Rob for short) has been working with me and my husband with our fertility issues. He encourages his patients to come up with what he calls the 3 G's on a daily basis:
  • Gratitude - What you are thankful for
  • Goals - What you hope to achieve
  • Game Plan - What you will do to get closer to achieving those goals
I thought this would be perfect to use in my triathlon training too, but I'll do this weekly, not daily. So, here goes:

  • I have love and support from my husband Dan and son Alex
  • I have the North Area Family YMCA and their programs to assist me in my training
  • I have seen progress this week both in the pool and on the bathroom scale (3 pounds!)

1. Increase my daily and weekly distance in the pool
2. Get a better swim suit
3. Attend Y-Body Cuts at least 2 times this week (Saturday and Tuesday and/or Thursday)
4. Pay more attention to nutrition

Game Plan

1a. If possible, stay a little later in the pool Wednesday night
1b. Add distance in the pool Sunday when you are there on your own
2. Order a one piece Speedo on swimoutlet.com
3a. Go to bed at 9:30 PM Monday and/or Wednesday
3b. Set the alarm on my cell phone and put it on my dresser so I have to get out of bed to turn it off
4a. Remind myself that the main purpose for eating is to fuel my body, not for enjoyment (that's a secondary purpose!)
4b. Bring carrots instead of chips for lunch
4c. Drink water instead of soda with lunch
4d. Eat dessert 2 nights a week, not 7!

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