Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes! Progress!

Swimming Update

As I stated in yesterday's post, the swimming portion of the tri is the one I fear the most because I never have really done any distance swimming. When I was younger, the most I did was jump off the diving board, swim to the ladder, then did it all over again. I signed up for the Level 2 swim clinic at the Y because it was for people who could swim 50+ yards and wanted to work on technique. I wasn't really sure how far I really could swim, but I knew I definitely wanted some technique help. The Level 3 clinic was for people who could swim 200+ yards and I didn't know if I really could. So, Level 2 it was!

Unfortunately the first week we didn't work on technique at all and the second week we had to ask for it. Personally, I didn't really mind too much about working on endurance, but I wanted at least a little help with my technique. For all I knew my technique was crap! Why work on endurance if my technique needs help?!?! I could be wasting a ton of energy swimming poorly and maybe all I would need was a small change to make a world of difference. Ends up, my technique was pretty good, so I was ready for working on endurance week 3.

So, although I really just wanted to curl up on the couch and fall asleep at 7:00 PM, I headed out into the cold night for my clinic. And I'm happy to say, I did pretty well! Looks like someone might have complained about our clinic because our "coach" changed things up a bit. Unfortunately, two people who really wanted technique help didn't show last night. Not sure if they dropped out because they were frustrated or if they just had another commitment last night. Hope they come back because things look like they will get better.

Anyway, we started with a 100 yd warm-up. Then we did four 100's at our own pace. Took a little rest then did three timed 100's. After another rest, we did some sprints and did four timed 25's. After a 5 minute rest, we did a 300, my longest distance yet. AND I DID GREAT!!! During weeks 1 and 2, I needed to do some breaststroke because I tired quickly. I'm happy to report I didn't use that stroke at all last night. Woo hoo! I was able to find a good rhythm and felt great. In fact, I thought I could do another 100 yds. (Didn't advertise that to the "coach!") So, after 1, 200 yds last night, I am seeing progress. I'm actually surprised at how well I'm doing. Maybe there's hope for me yet!

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