Monday, February 22, 2010

Did I Over-do It?

Saturday morning I went to the Y and had what I thought was a great workout. I attended the Y-Body Cuts class and added a little extra weight. I'm not a body builder, but I was impressed with the muscle definition I'm achieving. Worked up a good sweat there then headed to the treadmill for one of my runs.

I read somewhere that you should increase your weekly time running no more than 10% each week. Then every 3 or 4 weeks, you should go down 10%. This week I was up to doing 24:12 (Yes, I'm being that precise, but that's just me!) Usually when I'm running on the road, I can do somewhere between a 10 to 12 minute mile. Since I haven't been running all that long, I'm more around a 12 minute mile right now. But, when I'm on the treadmill, the pace I feel comfortable at says I'm doing a 15 minute mile. I know I can go faster than that, so I do get a bit discouraged. I tell myself that the treadmill isn't all that accurate and to just ignore it, but Saturday I didn't. I pushed myself and ran a bit faster than I usually do. It wasn't going so fast that I thought I was going to fall off, but it definitely was faster than I was used to. But, I did it anyway.

While I was running, I was wearing my heart rate monitor watch and I checked it a couple of times. With all my info (age, weight, height, etc) programmed in, my rate registered at 89%. I thought that was a bit high, but I kept going anyway. When I was done with the run, I walked a bit to get my heart rate down. Once I felt relaxed again, I went to stretch then headed home. All afternoon I really felt good thinking it was the awesome workout I had just done that morning.

When I went to bed, however, I started to wonder if it was too much. I got in bed and I just couldn't get relaxed. I felt like my heart was racing and I just couldn't calm down. Eventually I fell asleep and felt OK the next day, but I wonder if my high heart rate during my workout was the cause. Or maybe I didn't drink enough during the day after the workout. This whole training for a tri is all new to me, so I guess my body is going to have all sorts of new reactions to go along with it. This week's run is my 10% decrease, so that will help. And I'll know not to push it too much again. Live and learn I guess!

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  1. I'm curious to know how many times a week you are running? Shoot me an email, and we can talk about it.