Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feeling Better

Although I'm still not feeling like my funk is completely gone, I'm definitely feeling better. Not please with myself that I overslept yesterday morning and missed Y-Body Cuts at the Y, but I did get up this morning to put in some time on our treadmill. I REALLY wanted to stay in bed, but I forced myself to get up and feel good. If I had slept in I would have beaten myself up all day and really felt like crap. Not only was this a benefit physically, but psychologically as well. Good for me!

Another good for me happened on Sunday when I went for my swim. I had decided to do the following:

  • 1 X 50 yds
  • 3 X 100 yds
  • 1 X 300 yds
  • 1 X 600 yds
  • 1 X 100 yds
  • 1 X 50 yds
Total 1,400 yds

So, I did my 1 X 50 yds then my 3 X 100 yds. I then started my 1 X 300 yds. As I was finishing the 300 yds, I decided that I felt great and figured that I would do the 600 yds first then do the 300 yds. As I was finishing the 600 yds, I realized that I STILL felt great and figured I'd go to 700 yds. Then I added another 100 yds then another 100 yds. Finally finished at 900 yds. When I finished that I felt AMAZING and not out of breath. I still cannot believe how far I've come with my swimming! The first week of my tri swim clinic, I could barely swim 50 yds without being completely out of breath. Now I'm swimming 900 yds at a time and feel relaxed and fresh. Just hope I can do this in open water!

This Week's 3 G's
Haven't done this in awhile, so here goes:

  • Able to swim 900 yds
  • Met others training for tris and have them to share training stories, tips, etc. My family and friends pretty much think I'm nuts doing this, so its nice to have a group that shares my interest.
  • Someone mentioned that I looked like I lost weight. I definitely haven't, but at least I'm looking like I have. I just keep telling myself that I'm replacing one pound of fat with one pound of muscle!

  • Work on ways to relieve hamstring tightness and hip pain.
  • Eat better

Game Plan
  • Purchase a foam roller and research different stretches
  • Plan my weekly menu on Sunday's and stick to it.

That's it for now. Swim clinic tonight, Y-Body Cuts (NO EXCUSES!) tomorrow morning, then 8-Week Ride tomorrow night before taking a day off on Friday. Looking forward to the Olympics starting Friday night. I always get inspired athletically when they come. Maybe I'll add a Winter sport goal to my Summer sport goal of a tri. We'll see!!!


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