Friday, February 26, 2010

Glad This Week is Over!


I need a fresh start and what better time to do it but on a weekend. This week has been a tough one:
  • Last Saturday I had what I thought was a great workout, but now I feel I pushed it too much (89% on my heart rate monitor while running on the treadmill)
  • Had a decent swim on Sunday
  • Had my normal Monday off to recover
  • Tuesday I overslept and missed Y-Body Cuts at 6:00 AM. The agreement I have with myself is that I go at least one of the weekday morning classes and also the Saturday morning class. Since I missed Tuesday, I needed to go Thursday.
  • Wednesday I overslept again and missed running on my home treadmill. During the day I developed a migraine which made me stay home from swimming Wednesday night.
  • Woke up Thursday with my migraine still intact, so I missed Y-Body Cuts again. During the day the migraine went away, but then my stomach was upset enough to made me think I was going to throw up. So, now I missed spinning.
And now its Friday, which is a normal day off to recover. But what exactly am I recovering from?!?!? Certainly not exercise!!!! I guess I'll use this day as a "Re-Group Day" instead of a "Recover Day."

Typically I would go to Y-Body Cuts tomorrow morning, but I just got a call that I can reschedule my blood test for tomorrow morning. (Was NOT going to drive to my blood test, not after getting about 14 inches of snow last night!) So, after my appt, I'll go right to the Y and go for an EASY run on the treadmill. My goal will be to have no heart rate over 80%. If I see it go over that number, then I'll decrease the speed. I will not pay attention to the miles per hour on the treadmill because I know its not accurate. After the run, I will do some weights in the fitness room on my own.

Then on Sunday, I will do my normal swim and plan out the menu for the next week.

The Moral of the Story...
So, the lesson to be learned here is that I can't expect things (my schedule, weather, my health, my mood, etc.) to be perfect all the time. There will be bumps in the road, but I just have to keep moving forward. I might even have to back up at times, but with the goal of continuing ahead.


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