Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pride: Lots for my Son, Little for me

Proud Mama
Well, I'll start with the good stuff. My 5-yr old son, Alex, plays soccer at the North Area Family YMCA. For the first time ever, he is on an organized sports team. I thought this would be a good way to start since he's on the same team as a few good friends of his. Well, at Saturday's game he scored his first goal ever. But he didn't score just one goal, not two goals, but THREE GOALS!!! A hat-trick!!! I felt so proud that I thought I was going to cry. And he was grinning from ear to ear. I thought, if I'm getting like this for YMCA soccer, what am I going to do when he plays a sport in high school and it really counts! I just hope that he will remember this feeling and keep sport and fitness in his life. But, I suppose if my husband and I set good examples, then he definitely will do this for life!

Set Backs in Tri-Training
Now for the not-so-proud moments. I have been so lazy lately that I'm disgusted with myself:

Sunday morning I didn't feel much like going swimming, so I stayed home. Being Valentine's Day, I gave myself a "free pass" to indulge in some sweet treats.

Then on Tuesday morning, I wanted to attend the 6:00 AM Y-Body Cuts class, but woke up at 5:55 AM. So much for making it to that class! But instead of getting up and doing some weights at home, I rolled over and went back to sleep. Next thing I knew, it was 7:30 AM and I had to be to work at 8:00 AM. Rushed around the house like a mad-woman and made it to work. Thank goodness I packed my gym bag for my spinning class the night before or I might have been tempted to skip that Tuesday night.

This morning I had a run on our home treadmill scheduled, but do you think I woke up in time for that?!?!? Yeah, right!!! Overslept again! Now I'm trying to find another time today to fit that in, but I don't think it will be possible.

What is going on with me?!?!?! I was doing so good for a few weeks and now I'm falling back into old bad habits. Is my body trying to tell me that it needs a break and I'm pushing myself too hard? Or maybe its all the fertility meds I'm on. Those always make me tired. Either way, I'm not feeling too good about myself lately. But, I suppose that is why you start training months before a make sure you have time just in case you encounter stumbling blocks like this.

Rather than beating myself up for the things I've missed, I should focus on the things I've actually done such as spinning last night and Y-Body Cuts & running on Saturday.

I've seen in some people's training schedule times where they cut back every few weeks or so. With the exception of my run training, I really haven't built that into my schedule. This is probably my body's way of telling me to schedule it in. And if I know that I'm going to be a little more tired than normal when I'm on my meds, maybe this is a perfect time each month to scale back.

I guess people are right when they say that journaling (or in this case, blogging) can help you work things out in your head. If I'm going to continue training and fertility treatments, I'm just going to have to figure out a way to make them work together and "get along." This might be a challenge to schedule, but its not impossible.

I can do this!!!!!!

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  1. Recovery is just as important as training!! Don't deny your body the rest that it needs!! You might also try just some easy workouts, like a walk instead of a run, or a really easy spin. That way you are getting a little bit done without totally taxing your body every day.