Friday, March 12, 2010

Back on Track?

I Did It!
Well, I FINALLY got up this morning and worked out at the Y. In the last 22 days, I have made it to the Y early on a weekday morning once and I've been disgusted with myself because of it. At first I was sidelined with a migraine that lasted 4 days. Then, I was just being lazy. And most recently, I had a head cold. Last night I finally started feeling better so I was DETERMINED to get up and take a spin class, my first one since "graduating" from the 8-Week Ride class last week. I set my alarm clock and, on top of that, I placed my watch with an alarm on my dresser. To turn it off, I had to get out of bed. Although I told myself not to, I did end up getting back into bed after turning the watch alarm off. However, I did stay awake and got up for the class. And I am so happy I did!!!!! I'm feeling good now and hope this will get me motivated to get back training regularly again. Tomorrow I'll definitely get to the Y for Y-Body Cuts and a run on the treadmill, so I'm not nervous about that. Sunday I'll have to make sure I don't get lazy and stay home from swimming. I just hate how I always do this to myself: I work out a lot for a few weeks then I completely stop. It is a horrible cycle that I do all the time and I don't know what to do about it. When I was doing the tri swim clinic and the 8-Week Ride, I had something that really kept me motivated. Now I have to motivate myself and I'm struggling with that. I have to find something else to get me going, but what? On Tuesday I'm attending the first of 6 triathlon clinics being put on by the Y, so maybe that will get me excited again. Or maybe I'll have to connect with two of the women I became friends with in the 8-Week Ride and do train with them. Maybe they're having the same problems getting motivated as I am. Well, I've rambled enough. I haven't done my 3 G's in awhile, so I think I'm due...

3 G's
1. I have a son and husband who love me and support what I'm doing.
2. I can use the Iron Girl experience to feel good about myself and to show my son that its good 3. to be physically fit and take care of yourself.
4. Spring is only about 1 week away so I can start bringing my training outside.
5. The Y is offering some clinics to help us tri newbies along.
6. I'm healthy enough to be able to take on the Iron Girl challenge.

1. Drink more water.
2. Eat better.
3. Sleep more.
4. Get motivated again.

Game Plan
1. Set an alarm on my phone and work computer to remind me to fill up a glass.
2a. Read my new book The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged! this weekend.
2b. Make a menu for next weeks meals following guidelines and recipes from the book.
3a. Get ready for bed by 9:00 PM EVERY night, even weekends.
3b. Get into bed by 10:00 PM EVERY night, even weekends.
4a. Look through the two new tri magazines I purchased.
4b. Organize my tri information.
4c. Work on my bulletin board (Again, thanks for the idea Kelly!)
4d. Contact my two tri friends to see if they want to do some training together.

Wish me luck! TTFN!

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  1. Good luck!! I'll see you at the Tri Seminars coming up!