Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving Right Along!

Score Update: Debbie 4, Snooze Alarm 0
Completed Day 4 of the "Debbie VS the Snooze Alarm" steel cage match and Debbie is out to a fast lead! Got a system that is working great and I feel great because of it. Got in two days of cycling last Friday and today and two days of Y-Body Cuts last Thursday and yesterday (plus one on Saturday too!)

Tomorrow I'll get up, but not as early, because I'll do a run at home. If its too cold out I'll do it on the treadmill while watching some tapes (yes, I know tapes are SOOO 20th Century!) of shows that air at 10:00. I've been "good" lately by going to bed early, so I have to tape all my shows. But, It's SOOO worth it!

Triathlon Clinic: What Gear Do I Need?
Thank you YMCA and Kelly Covert for the great clinic last night. A lot of the stuff I knew, but I got a lot of new info too. Happy to say that, after Kelly's suggestion, I purchased a run skirt that a bib number can attach to. Got it from Thanks for the suggestion Kelly!


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