Monday, April 12, 2010

Am I a Triathlete?

So, when you start to have dreams about triathlons, are you then considered a triathlete? I had my first tri-dream last night. All the authors of triathlon books, magazines, websites, etc. have said that your legs will feel a bit heavy after the bike ride and it will take a little while to get them adjusted for the run. In my dream, I couldn't get my legs to work at all for the run. It was like one of those dreams where your legs are moving as fast as they can, but your body isn't moving. In the dream, I was able to move if I did something like a side step, but I wasn't getting very far with it. Also, people kept yelling that I had an eating disorder. What?!?! That's something I definitely don't have. Weird!

Running Issues
I'm wondering if my dream is because I'm now worried about the run. Until recently, my left hip has been doing pretty well. About two years ago I was running just about every morning. Eventually that summer my hip started hurting so bad that at times I had difficulty even walking. After going to a physical therapist at Sports PT, I got my hip feeling better, but I really haven't run on it up until now. A little over a week ago, I did my first outdoor run and its been bothering me since. I've been wanting to get my run analyzed, so I decided to do it this weekend at Fleet Feet.

This weekend they were celebrating their 10th anniversary at their new location, so I headed out to see what they had to offer. Since it was busy, they took my name when I arrived and I looked around while I waited. Not long after I was greeted by Sarah who took about an hour with me.

First, she measured my feet and I discovered that my feet are between normal and wide width AND I had high arches. That's something I never knew! She then put some neutral running shoes on me and took me to the treadmill. After filming me run, we discovered that my arches are collapsing too much when my foot strikes the ground. This is causing pressure on my leg and hip. No wonder my hip got bad because of running!

Sarah then went and got me about 4 brands/styles of running shoes to try. All gave extra support in the arch and were a bit wider than a normal shoe. She also put in an insert which gave me even more stability in the arch. After trying them on and giving them all a short test run, I decided on a pair of Saucony's:

I'm wearing them just walking around right now and will try to run with them for the first time on Wednesday. I want to give my hip a couple more days to heal. Hopefully I'll get it feeling good enough that I can get in a few runs in Florida next week.

Aqua Woman
Today my wetsuit should arrive, so my next post should have an amusing picture of me modeling it. Hope it fits!

Only 117 days till Iron Girl Syracuse!!

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  1. Ha-ha!! I have crazy race dreams all the time, especially right before a race.