Friday, May 14, 2010

Head Colds and Unemployment...Can it Get Any Worse?!?!

Today started out like crap. Actually it started yesterday when I developed a sore throat which lead to a runny nose. I hate head colds! I've read that endurance athletes are more likely to get colds, so I'll blame it on that. Yeah! I'm an endurance athlete! In reality it probably had to do with the fact that I visited my son's elementary school two times this week and was exposed to millions of little kid germs...yuck! Anyway, my head cold caused me to skip abs class last night and cycle class this morning. I stopped at Wegman's on the way to work for medicine and figured I could fight it off during the day.

This is when my day got worse

I sat down at my desk then my boss walked in and handed me my "pink slip."

I went numb and really didn's hear much of what he was saying. Although on one hand I was surprised, on the other hand, I wasn't. I was always bored at work and struggled to find something to do to make the 8 hours each day go by somewhat quicker than a snail's pace. And I knew this couldn't go on forever. Although the company is doing well, I knew they couldn't continue to pay me to sit there and do nothing. So, I packed my things and took off befoe too many of my co-workers got there.

So Now What?
I'm going to make the best of it and make lemonade out of lemons. While unemployed, I can...
*sleep in and train during the day
*find a job where I won't be bored
*plant my veggie and herb garden
*clean and organize my house
*take some much needed naps

Of course, I still have to find a job. Hopefully I can find something as flexible and family friendly as Cascade was. I've gotten spoiled in the last year, so hopefully I won't be disappointed with my future employer. I guess time will tell. In the meantime, lemonade anyone?

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