Monday, June 28, 2010

Adjustments and Firsts

Can't believe how long it has been since I posted. I guess the adjustments I have been making are part of it. A little over a month ago, I was working full time, triathlon training before and after work, and had a son in Kindergarten all day. Today, I am unemployed, triathlon training when I can get it in, and have a son home on summer vacation. My hat goes off to stay-at-home moms because I'm going crazy trying to keep my son occupied. Right now I have a few minutes to blog because he's watching some TV, but you can only do so much of that. Luckily, he starts his summer program tomorrow, so that will be a sanity saver for both of us.

As for the "firsts," I've had a few in the last few weeks:

First Open Water Swim...almost
My first open water swim was scheduled for June 12, but it was cancelled due to bad weather. I was signed up to do the YMCA Oneida Shores Open Water Swim race. I signed up for the 800 yd race. I had swum that distance plenty of times in the pool, but it is amazing how long it really looks when its in a lake. I was very nervous wondering if I could actually do it. I kept telling myself, "You HAVE done it!" but I still had that little voice inside my head making me doubt myself. I'm not sure if I was more relieved or disappointed when they cancelled it. I still get my packet and shirt, but I wasn't too sure I should wear the shirt since I didn't actually participate in the swim. A few days later I actually did my first open water swim, so I won't feel so bad wearing the shirt.

First Triathlon...sort of
It wasn't an actual race and it wasn't all that long, but I DID do all three parts of the tri. This was part of the CNY Triathlon Club's Wednesday night training series at Oneida Shores. Once again, bad weather was threatening, but it stopped right before we headed out. It wasn't the prettiest thing to watch, but I did it and it will get better each time I do it. The one thing I was REALLY impressed with was how friendly and encouraging everyone was. Every time a more experienced triathlete passed me, they had words of encouragement. I had heard about how the triathlon community was like this, but it was even better to experience it first hand.

First Open Water Swim in the St. Lawrence
I brought my wetsuit to the in-laws last weekend and I got into the water there for a half hour swim. The water was so clear compared to Oneida Lake. Had the hubby follow me in the kayak to make sure no boats or jet skis ran me over. Will be back there this weekend, so I'm looking forward to doing it again.

First Flat Tire
This is one first I wish I didn't experience. But, I suppose it was good so I could get the practice. Saturday Syracuse Bicycle had a pre-ride on the Iron Girl course, so I went out for that. Part way through I noticed that I was slowing down and the culprit was my front tire going down. I was able to stop two times to pump it back up to get me back to the van. By the time I was home, the tire was completely flat. Was able to give my hubby a lesson on tire changing in the process. So, thank you Coach Kelly for the tire changing lesson!!!!!

Well, better find something for the boy to do. Happy training and TTFN! 40 days until Iron Girl...YIKES!

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