Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sad Monday

I felt really sad yesterday and I don't know why. Was it because I...
A) had no energy because I skipped Sunday's swim workout? (Note to Coach Kelly in case you're reading this: I REALLY needed to take care of clutter taking over my house and, since I'm doing the open water swim Saturday which wasn't on our workout calendar, I figured that could take the place of Sunday's swim. Sound good?)
B) am getting scared about my job situation...or I should say LACK OF A job situation?
C) have reached out to people in my network for help and heard nothing back from them?
D) saw no weight loss this week?
E) am nervous about Saturday's open water swim?
F) all of the above?

I think the overwhelming answer is F. A lot of stuff is starting to pile on my nerves and when that happens, I usually get depressed. So, I did what every triathlete in training does when they want to clear their head...I went for a run.

I decided to run at Onondaga Lake Park to be by the water. My spirits are always lifted when I'm near water. I know this happens to most people...I wonder why? I should move to the lake then I'll have water access 24/7. That will be on my list of things to do once I have a job!

After my run, for a moment, I actually started to look forward to the open water swim on Saturday. I'm nervous about it, but in the end, I might just LOVE swimming in the open water. I pretty much grew up on Oneida Lake, so I should feel at home in the water. Besides, I'll take the smell of lake water of chlorine ANY DAY!

So, after my run, I was off to my pool swim. Ugg! I hate chlorine! After a swim in the pool my nose runs and I sneeze for hours. A noseplug helped a bit, but it hasn't been working as well lately. Maybe its getting loose? Toward the end of the workout I actually had to stop half way down the length of the pool to tread water and sneeze. I'm just a mess I tell you!

The swim workout was OK. I struggled with my drills, but I can tell I'm making progress with my new stroke...very SLOW progress. I just need to be patient because I know there will be some regression when you make corrections to your stroke like I did. It will come with time...hopefully within 60 days from today!

Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning I did some work on resumes and job searching. Hopefully this will produce something for me. Needed a break late Tuesday morning and headed out for my hour long bike ride. Holy wind Batman! Did all I could to stay upright. Hopefully there will be little wind come race day because it stinks!

Well, better do some more job searching.

TTFN! 60 days till Iron Girl!

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