Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's My Pity Party and I'll Cry if I Want To!

Let's just say, the last 36 hours have been pretty crappy in my job searching life and my triathlon life.

Job Searching: Yesterday, I received a rejection from Company A (we'll keep them anonymous!). However, they had a second position that they thought I might be a good fit for and I was told to email them if I was still interested in that job. Then last night, Company B informed me that they decided they found the perfect candidate for a job that they had and that they wouldn't be conducting any interviews. Then this morning, I emailed Company A to let them know that I was indeed interested in the second job, only to get a reply that they decided on someone else.

Triathlon: Tonight I really wanted to get a good tri practice in at Oneida Shores because this is the last one I will do before Iron Girl. I felt I had a pretty good swim time, so I started to jog out of the water. Next thing I know, I bash my left foot on a block holding down the swim ropes. When I got out of the water, it didn't look that bad. I then headed out for my bike ride (a short one going around the loop once) then a quick transition for my run. I wasn't sure if I would do the entire 5K, but I had decided I would do at least 20 minutes. About 7 minutes into my run, I got horrible cramps on both sides. Before starting tonight, I decided to give a new Gatorade product a try. Not sure if that is what caused my cramps, but I'm thinking I won't be using it before Iron Girl next Saturday. When I finished my 20 minute run, I took off my sneaker to check my foot. It was a little sore, but it looked OK, so I decided to put some ice on it during the ride home just in case. After I got home I was telling my husband about it and when I looked down at my foot, I saw this:

Yes, that is a huge lump on my foot. I continued to put ice on it, but it grew a bit before going down a little. Now I'm scared that it won't go down enough before Iron Girl. After going through 7 months of training, if I have to withdraw from the race because of an injury like this, I won't be a happy girl. My husband, who is on the National Ski Patrol and has experience treating injuries, is convinced that nothing is broken. I'm just hoping the swelling will go down enough. I'm certain I won't be able to put on a sneaker or cycling shoe in the next couple of days. Why does this kind of thing ALWAYS have to happen to ME?!?!? I just can't win!!!!

I'm going to go to bed now. Hopefully it will look better in the morning. Only 10 days until Iron Girl. Wish I had a few more!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is Near

Although I can't actually see the light yet, I sense that it is near. My body will be so happy when the training is over. Not that I'm going to stop working out, but I will take it down a level or two to let my body recover. There is no way I'm quitting after this because to date I've lost 18 pounds and I feel great. After the race on the 7th I will continue to swim, bike, and run, but I think I'll add in some variety to work some different parts of my body. I will also make a decision if I want to take this up a level next year. I think I will, but I also think that I'll sign up for races earlier in the year because waiting until August is making me feel a bit burned out.

Another thing I'll have to decide on is if I want to purchase a new bike. I like my current bike, but he's making me work too darn hard. Thanks to Tri-Mommy/Coach Kelly (button to make links isn't working, so I have to just give you the url:, we made some adjustments that have helped. Thanks to some good old WD40, yesterday's ride was quiet after I was able to get rid of a creaking noise from my left pedal. I think I was even a little faster too! But, even with the adjustments, I think I need to get a new ride. Last week I signed up for a Cervelo ( test ride toward the end of August. And, I found out that the Bike Loft ( offers layaway. So, if I find a bike I like at the test ride, maybe the Bike Loft will carry it and I can pay for it over the winter and be ready come spring 2011. Have to get a job first, but at least its an option. Had a good 2nd interview yesterday, so who knows!

This last Saturday I went out to Oneida Shores ( for the weekly Iron Girl ( pre-ride. Had a good ride and even passed some people. Even people on road bikes...sweet! Just think how fast I can be on a "real" bike! After the ride and a slow as molasses jog, I stood on the beach and took this picture looking out onto the swim course:

I hope the morning of the race that the water is as beautiful and calm as it is here!

Want to note that this Saturday I will be running the Save the River 5K ( in Clayton, NY. Last year I had to walk every now and then. This year's goal is to run the entire way. I'm pretty sure I can do it!

One more thing before I sign off is that I have to give a shout out to Tri-Mommy Kelly ( and her Nuu Muu ( contest. Can't wait to win the contest and strut my stuff in my new Nuu Muu! Crossing my fingers.

TTFN! 18 days until Iron Girl!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Month to Go!

Today marks one month to go until Iron Girl. On one hand, I feel ready and wish it were occuring today. On the other hand, I'm scared and wish I had another 6 months to train. I suppose it is like planning to have a family. You get scared wondering if you are actually ready (mentally, financially, etc.) to have children. But, once you do, you find a way to make it work. And once August 7th rolls around, I will somehow make it work.

I spent last weekend in Alexandria Bay celebrating the July 4th holiday with my husband's family. I was able to get some training in, but not as much as I would have liked. Because of the heat, I wanted to get my training done early. However, the hubby went off fishing and I was left at the house watching my son and dog. I did have family members there that could have helped, but I felt guilty asking them because there were other children there that needed supervision as well. I guess that "mom guilt" hit me this weekend and I put everything else ahead of my needs and wants. Oh well...

On Saturday I was able to get in a 15 mile bike ride. The wind was brutal, so the first part of the ride I rode into the wind. At times my bike computer only registered about 4 mph. Since I knew I would go faster on the way back, I rode about 35 minutes into the wind figuring it would take me less time to go back. I just couldn't believe HOW fast I rode back: I did the same distance in less than 20 minutes. WOW!!! After the ride, I did a quick 15 brick run. As soon as I got back, I put my flip flops on and headed down to soak my sore legs in the cool river. Ahhhhhh! Below is a pretty picture of the country side that I rode through:

On Sunday I was supposed to get in a run and swim. I got in the run, but it was shorter than planned. Since the heat was brutal, I headed into the town of Clayton hoping to get some shade on my run past all the houses. Unfortunately, there was less shade than I remembered. Crap! Last year, my husband and I ran the Save the River 5K, so I ran the route to see if I would do better than I did back then. Last year, I had to walk quite a bit of the run. This year, I ran the entire thing. I love progress! Part of the run brought us out onto Washington Island. The picture below is from the bridge to the island:

I wish I could live here with this view. I noticed a house for sale on the island and my mother-in-law said it is going for about $400K...yeah, right!!!!

Mom guilt was in the way of doing any training on Monday, so not only was I hit by mom guilt, but also training guilt as well. But, rather than stressing over it, I got up Tuesday morning and moved on. I attended the group training run that night in the brutal heat and did pretty good. A warm up run, followed by 7 hill sprints, follwed by a cool down run. (Actually, I don't think it was actually a cool down run in that heat!) Luckily, one of my training partners lived at the top of the hill, so we kept our drinks in her yard and her mom set up a sprinkler for us. THANK YOU Erin's mom!!!!

Tonight I'm off to Oneida Shores for a CNY Triathlon training tri. Going to be another scorcher. I'm going early to volunteer to set up. I heard that they aren't charging admission into the park today because of the heat, so I think it might be mobbed there. Hopefully not.

Speaking of volunteering, my mom told me yesterday that she thinks she's going to volunteer at Iron Girl. It will be nice to have her there to see the results of my efforts.

Well, better get going and do some job search stuff.

TTFN! 1 month to go!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Craving for Yoga

I've been in a funk lately. Haven't wanted to do any training because I feel:
a) depressed because I'm not having a lot of luck finding a job
b) muscle soreness
c) like a cold is coming on with a sore throat
d) burned out because I've been training for 6 months and am ready for this tri to happen
e) all of the above

That would be "e) all of the above."

So, I got up this morning and decided that maybe some yoga would do the trick. It would take care of "a)" because it helps the mind AND the body. It would take care of "b)" because of the stretching involved. Not sure if it would help "c)" but I figured it couldn't hurt. It would take care of "d)" because it would allow me to do something different instead of just swim, bike, and run. So, it looks like it would take care of "e)."

After dropping Alex off at his summer program, I headed over to Onondaga Lake Park for their "Wegman's Live Well" program which is a free (YES! I said FREE!) session of yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. Today there was a substitute teacher and she did just yoga, which was fine by me. I arrived there a little late, but I rolled out my mat and dove right into the poses. I haven't done yoga since my trip to Florida and it felt wonderful. I've decided that I need to add this to my daily routine because it will help with so much: mental, physical, emotional, etc. How great is that?!?!?!

The really great thing about this program at the park is that it is done outside by the lake. Onondaga Lake isn't the cleanest lake (in fact, it is one of the most polluted!) but it is water. I LOVE being by water because it is soothing. I think I need to convince my husband that we need to buy a house on a nearby lake! Anyway, here are some beautiful views from this morning:

This is the view I had while doing things like Warrior II pose. BEAUTIFUL sky!

This is the view looking out toward the lake. Ahhhhhhh....water!!!!!

I'm definitely bringing my yoga mat up to camp this weekend. There is a beautiful spot in the village Alexandria Bay right on the water that I think I can go to for some river-side yoga.

Happy training! TTFN! Only 37 days until Iron Girl!