Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's My Pity Party and I'll Cry if I Want To!

Let's just say, the last 36 hours have been pretty crappy in my job searching life and my triathlon life.

Job Searching: Yesterday, I received a rejection from Company A (we'll keep them anonymous!). However, they had a second position that they thought I might be a good fit for and I was told to email them if I was still interested in that job. Then last night, Company B informed me that they decided they found the perfect candidate for a job that they had and that they wouldn't be conducting any interviews. Then this morning, I emailed Company A to let them know that I was indeed interested in the second job, only to get a reply that they decided on someone else.

Triathlon: Tonight I really wanted to get a good tri practice in at Oneida Shores because this is the last one I will do before Iron Girl. I felt I had a pretty good swim time, so I started to jog out of the water. Next thing I know, I bash my left foot on a block holding down the swim ropes. When I got out of the water, it didn't look that bad. I then headed out for my bike ride (a short one going around the loop once) then a quick transition for my run. I wasn't sure if I would do the entire 5K, but I had decided I would do at least 20 minutes. About 7 minutes into my run, I got horrible cramps on both sides. Before starting tonight, I decided to give a new Gatorade product a try. Not sure if that is what caused my cramps, but I'm thinking I won't be using it before Iron Girl next Saturday. When I finished my 20 minute run, I took off my sneaker to check my foot. It was a little sore, but it looked OK, so I decided to put some ice on it during the ride home just in case. After I got home I was telling my husband about it and when I looked down at my foot, I saw this:

Yes, that is a huge lump on my foot. I continued to put ice on it, but it grew a bit before going down a little. Now I'm scared that it won't go down enough before Iron Girl. After going through 7 months of training, if I have to withdraw from the race because of an injury like this, I won't be a happy girl. My husband, who is on the National Ski Patrol and has experience treating injuries, is convinced that nothing is broken. I'm just hoping the swelling will go down enough. I'm certain I won't be able to put on a sneaker or cycling shoe in the next couple of days. Why does this kind of thing ALWAYS have to happen to ME?!?!? I just can't win!!!!

I'm going to go to bed now. Hopefully it will look better in the morning. Only 10 days until Iron Girl. Wish I had a few more!


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