Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is Near

Although I can't actually see the light yet, I sense that it is near. My body will be so happy when the training is over. Not that I'm going to stop working out, but I will take it down a level or two to let my body recover. There is no way I'm quitting after this because to date I've lost 18 pounds and I feel great. After the race on the 7th I will continue to swim, bike, and run, but I think I'll add in some variety to work some different parts of my body. I will also make a decision if I want to take this up a level next year. I think I will, but I also think that I'll sign up for races earlier in the year because waiting until August is making me feel a bit burned out.

Another thing I'll have to decide on is if I want to purchase a new bike. I like my current bike, but he's making me work too darn hard. Thanks to Tri-Mommy/Coach Kelly (button to make links isn't working, so I have to just give you the url: www.trimommylife.com), we made some adjustments that have helped. Thanks to some good old WD40, yesterday's ride was quiet after I was able to get rid of a creaking noise from my left pedal. I think I was even a little faster too! But, even with the adjustments, I think I need to get a new ride. Last week I signed up for a Cervelo (www.cervelo.com) test ride toward the end of August. And, I found out that the Bike Loft (http://bikeloft.com) offers layaway. So, if I find a bike I like at the test ride, maybe the Bike Loft will carry it and I can pay for it over the winter and be ready come spring 2011. Have to get a job first, but at least its an option. Had a good 2nd interview yesterday, so who knows!

This last Saturday I went out to Oneida Shores (http://onondagacountyparks.com/oneida) for the weekly Iron Girl (www.irongirl.com/Events/Syracuse.htm) pre-ride. Had a good ride and even passed some people. Even people on road bikes...sweet! Just think how fast I can be on a "real" bike! After the ride and a slow as molasses jog, I stood on the beach and took this picture looking out onto the swim course:

I hope the morning of the race that the water is as beautiful and calm as it is here!

Want to note that this Saturday I will be running the Save the River 5K (www.savetheriver.org) in Clayton, NY. Last year I had to walk every now and then. This year's goal is to run the entire way. I'm pretty sure I can do it!

One more thing before I sign off is that I have to give a shout out to Tri-Mommy Kelly (www.trimommylife.com) and her Nuu Muu (www.nuu-muu.com/home.htm) contest. Can't wait to win the contest and strut my stuff in my new Nuu Muu! Crossing my fingers.

TTFN! 18 days until Iron Girl!

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