Monday, August 16, 2010

Iron Girl Dissection...Three G's Style!

Now that I've had a little more than a week to be proud of my inaugural triathlon, it's time to push up my sleeves and dissect it. Going into the event, my number one goal was to finish and my number two goal was to finish it in less than two hours. I was able to accomplish both, so you may be asking yourself why I want to pick it apart. I am happy that I was able to accomplish both, but, as usual, I underestimated my abilities and set the bar too low. Years of failing one thing or another have convinced me that I'm incapable of doing certain things. There's so many things that I want to do with my life such as start a part time craft business that sells women's sport themed items. By the way, by putting this dream out here in my blog for someone to read, I might be more likely to do it. Today I came across a good quote:

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." - Erma Bombeck

Anyway, I always doubt myself and come up with excuses. It doesn't help that some people in my life doubt me too. My mom said that she and some family members went to look up my name on the finishers list in the newspaper and started looking from the bottom of the list. Thanks for having faith in me! Finishing Iron Girl did help a lot in giving me some self esteem back and hopefully it helped others believe in me too. However, I still have that little voice in my head whispering negative things in my ear. At the beginning of my 12 weeks with coach Kelly, she had us come up with three negative thoughts and we had to switch them around to positive thoughts. I definitely need to do this again and do it often...probably DAILY!

So, in the spirit of doing something positive while picking apart my race, I'm going to do it Three G's style. If you're new, the Three G's stand for Gratitude / Goals / Game plan. I am going to take each part of my race and list the Three G's that go with it. Ready? Here we go!

* Got a good night's sleep Thursday
* Friday night's dinner and Saturday's breakfast agreed with my stomach
* Arrived in plenty of time and was able to get ready in a relaxed atmosphere
* A stranger loaned me her bike pump even though she really wanted to get it into her car
* Beautiful sunrise and weather
* Friends to experience this with which helped calm my nerves

1) Sleep better the night before
2) Get a better bike pump that can be used on both types of valves and has a pressure gauge
3) Wear something better on my feet to protect them from the cold

Game Plan:
1A) Keep doing races and hope it gets easier with each one
1B) Calming yoga the night before
1C) Calming music and/or nature noises to fall asleep to
1D) Relaxing bath
2) Already done!
3) Crocs? Old sneakers?

SWIM (11:01, Pace 1:51, 44th of 139 in age group)
* Finished in the top third of my age group
* Didn't get run over too much
* Stayed calm
* Drills (even though I didn't like them!) helped and I remembered them throughout the swim

1) Speed: next year <10 min
2) Push harder

Game Plan:
1) More speed drills during the off-season
2) Remind myself that this year I had plenty left in the tank so I know I can go harder

T1 (3:34)
* I didn't forget any of my equipment

1) Keep sunglasses and socks dry
2) If a lens falls out of my sunglasses, be able to pop it back in quickly
3) Dry my feet entirely, but quickly
4) 2:30 next year

Game Plan:
1) Cover so they don't collect moisture
2) Practice
3) Practice
4) Practice!

BIKE (1:03:17, mph 17.7)
* A Specialized Ruby loaner from the Bike Loft valued at $5,000
* I didn't get a flat tire
* Police stopping traffic
* The guy ringing the cow bell at the park entrance; this put a smile on my face and made me feel like I was riding in the Tour de France!
* I was able to unclip before the dismount line without falling flat on my face

1) Buy a road bike
2) Hydrate more
3) Keep my feet from completely going numb
4) More confidence to go faster
5) <1:00:00

Game Plan:
1) Get a job and/or hit the lottery
2) Practice getting the bottle out of the cage
3A) Keep socks dry during the swim
3B) Non-cotton socks
4) Practice
5) Practice

T2 (1:58)
* I didn't forget any equipment
* I didn't forget to put my bib on
* Alex and Dan to cheer me on

1) Dry socks
2) Do it faster...around 1:00

Game Plan
1A) Have a 2nd pair available
1B) Non-cotton
2) Practice

RUN: (35:35, Pace 11:28)
* Weather was still beautiful
* It was along the shore
* "House shopping" for waterfront property during the run kept my mind off of it
* Fans cheering us on my name or bib number
* Neighbors providing water

1) Speed
2) Speed
3) MORE SPEED!!! 31:00 next year

Game Plan:
1) Practice
2) Practice
3) MORE PRACTICE!!! Going to participate in the YMCA running program

OVERALL: (1:55:26)
* I finished!
* I finished in under 2 hours
* My foot injury wasn't an issue
* My hip problem wasn't an issue
* Alex and Dan were there to support me
* I met a ton of amazing people during my training
* Coach Kelly's guidance
* Gained some confidence in myself
* Lost 20 pounds and at least 12 inches
* Inspired others to tri next year
* Inspired myself to do more tri's next year

1) Finish at least 3 sprint tri's next year
2) Finish Iron Girl around 1:45:00
3) Stay healthy
4) Lose another 10 pounds

Game Plan
1) Continue to work with Kelly and participate in more YMCA triathlon programs
2) Continue to work with Kelly and participate in more YMCA triathlon programs
3) Eat healthy, so some weight lifting, and a whole lot of luck
4) Veggies, complex carbs, non-processed foods, avoid bread

Well, that's about it. I'm hoping that my new coaching sessions will start in the next day or two so I can have some direction because I'm currently at a loss what to do now. Sad isn't it! Well, I'll check back in then.


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  1. I love this post!! I think these are great goals, and I know you will meet them and go beyond!!