Monday, August 2, 2010

Is God Trying to Tell Me Something?!?!?!?!

I am beginning to think that God doesn't want me to do Iron Girl on Saturday.

During my first outdoor ride with my new clipless pedals, I tipped over in the middle of the Morgan Road/Route 31 intersection while at a red light. Inexperience on my big deal, learned my lesson!

During my first ride on the actual Iron Girl course, a piece of glass punctured my tube and got a flat tire. Another good lesson to watch out for glass on the side of the road.

However, last week, being SO CLOSE to race day, was a bit much. In my last blog, I wrote about my foot which is now a lovely combination of shades of purple, blue, green, etc. I'm told those blocks won't be there the day of Iron Girl, so that won't be an issue. But what happened on Saturday almost put me over the edge.

I headed out on my last Iron Girl pre-ride. I was about 15 minutes into my ride and noticed that my left foot was jiggling a bit. I was thinking that my cycling shoe was jiggling on the pedal. That pedal had been creaking a lot, so a girl from Syracuse Bicycle told me to give it a shot of WD40 and that should do the trick. I started to think that maybe I had gotten some on the pedal and made the shoe loose. So, I told myself to remember to wipe it down a bit once I returned home. A little while later, my foot felt like it was jiggling way too much. Much to my surprise, this is what happened to my bike:

The crank became unattached from the bike and I had the pedal and crank dangling from my foot. Somehow, I was able to stop without wiping out. Unfortunately there was no way I could ride the bike back, so I called my husband and started crying. Why do these things keep happening to me and so close to the race?!?!?!

Once I calmed down, I went into problem solving mode. Luckily, the spot where it happened wasn't too far from where the course looped back around, so I knew a lot of bikers would be coming back my way. I was hoping and praying that someone from Syracuse Bicycle would be coming by to help me. I didn't get that lucky, but I did have some people come back to pick me up and walk with me while I was waiting for them. (I will list everyone who helped me down below!)

Once I had gotten back to my van, I went straight to the Bike Loft for some help. Trying to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, I walked in with the crank and pedal in my hand and said, "I'm no bike mechanic, but I'm thinking I can go a lot faster if this is attached to the bike." The gentleman laughed and commended me for being so observant. Luckily he was able to fix it on the spot.

So, I want to list everyone who helped me out:
* Liisa and Natalie (sorry, don't have last names!) for stopping to check on me when I first broke down (the bike broke down and I broke down in tears!)
* Richelle and Greg Wedyck for coming to get me in their truck. A bonus shout out to Greg who took a tumble on his way back and had a bloody leg to show for it.
* Michelle Michlovitch for walking with me and keeping me company while I waited for my ride
* The gentleman at Bike Loft for being so nice and speedy

With only 5 days to go, I'm hoping I can keep it all together to make it to the finish line. Lots of prayers will be said in the next few days to help guarantee that I do in fact finish. Wish me luck!


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