Saturday, September 11, 2010

Arc 5K Race Report

(Me in my Arc tee and wearing my HR monitor watch)

My pre-race actually started yesterday. Coach Kelly wanted me to use this race to establish my training HR zones, so I met her at the Y to make sure I did, in fact, know how to use my HR monitor. After some time on the treadmill, we got it figured out and I was prepared to get my time, max HR, and average HR during the race. If this didn't work, I was going to be tortured with a sprint workout on the treadmill that I was definitely not looking forward to. I was going to make this work one way or another.

I have to admit, I was very nervous about this race. Sure, I've run 5K's before, but this was the first that I had orders to push myself and had to determine HRs. But, I want this and this is why I signed up for coaching, right? The race started at 9:10, so my plan was to get up and eat breakfast by 6:45. Because of my nerves, I was gringing my teeth so much that I woke myself up around 5:15. After tossing and turning for an hour or so, I got up to quit torturing myself. I had my standard pre-race breakfast of a PB&J sandwich and an iced mocha, then got ready and headed out. I had Dan and Alex come with me because they had a "Family Fun Zone" I thought Alex would enjoy, but I was wrong and my 10 min pre-race walk only ended up to be about 5-min so I could help Dan with an Alex meltdown. I met up with Erin Donovan and her friend Jessica (Erin-please let me know if I've got her name wrong...I'm horrible with names!) Having the two of them to talk with helped calm some pre-race jitters.

Mile 0-1
Kelly's orders were to start 1/4 back from the front of the pack and to start my timer when I crossed the start line. Problem was, the start line wasn't marked, so I guessed as best as I could. She also wanted me to run the first mile at my normal pace. I checked my watch at the mile 1 marker and I was at 9;50. Too fast! I think nerves and adrenaline got to me because I usually run about an 11:00 mile.

Mile 1-2
For this mile, Kelly wanted me to go a little faster than normal. Since I was already accomplishing this, I figured I should just try to maintain my speed from mile 1. At the turn around point, I was around 15:00. Still going pretty good. However, at the mile 2 marker, I was around 20:30. I wasn't happy that I slowed down, so I had to kick it up a notch.

Mile 2-Finish
It was "go time." Kelly wanted me to push even harder miles 2-2.5 then really push it to the finish. I definitely pushed the first half, but once in awhile I could tell I was slowing down when I wasn't focused. I did this a few times. Once I approached the one-lane bridge leading to the finish, I really pushed. Going up the bridge was tough, but I used the down side and another slight hill leading into the parking lot to pick up some speed. Even though I knew my actual time was quicker than the race clock, I saw the race timer and it was approaching 32:00. I DID NOT want my time to be more than 32:00, so I really sped up to make sure that didn't happen. According to my watch, my time was 31:36. A new personal record!!!

Kelly wanted me to finish feeling that I couldn't have gone any harder and I feel I accomplished that because it took quite awhile to catch my breath when it was all done. I was happy with my accomplishment, but I want to do even better next time. My rate per mile was 10:12. Mile 1 was 9:50, so I really want to be able to maintain a pace like that (or better!) throughout the race. (That would give me a finish of 30:29 or better!) I'm sure it will come in time. Next race: Festival of Races on October 3. A lot of work between now and then.


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