Saturday, September 18, 2010

Iron Girl: The Photos

With 8 days to spare before the deadline, I finally purchased my official Iron Girl photos today. Had to make sure I had enough room on the old credit card! Anyway, this should wrap up all of my 2010 Iron Girl posts. Hard to believe we're only about 3 months away from registration opening for Iron Girl 2011. Crazy! Here are the pics and some of my feelings about them:

Coming Out of the Water

Why is it that my first thought when looking at this picture is that I look fat?!?! For crying out loud I just did an open water swim in a wet suit. No one looks good, skinny, etc. after doing that. I can't stand that society has us women brain washed like we are.

Coming in Off the Bike Course

This picture, on the other hand, makes me happy. I have such a look of determination (or is it pain?) plus you can see some muscles on me. Proud when I look at this one.

Coming in from the Run

I definitely like this one too because I look happy. I'm not sure if this was taken before or after I gave high-fives to Dan and Alex, but either way, I know the end is just yards away.

The Big Finish

I was FLYING when I crossed the finish line. I think the lady behind me thought I was racing her, but I was just so pumped to be finishing that every ounce of adrenaline came up and moved my legs faster than they have ever gone.

Pure Joy!

I was beyond happy in this picture. I wanted to laugh and cry. I couldn't believe it was over.

So, that should be it for Iron Girl 2010. My next post will be about Ironman Syracuse 70.3 and my experiences as a volunteer. Not quite as exciting as participating, but it will be fun.


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  1. I love all of these pictures because they all show a strong, healthy fit woman doing something she loves!! Have fun tomorrow...can't wait to see you in front of the candy shop...I'm looking forward to it.