Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Bucket List

Today is my 43rd birthday. Not a major one, but a milestone nonetheless. I thought today's blog would be a good one to look back and look ahead.

A lot has happened in the last year:

* Celebrated my beautiful son's 5th birthday
* Ran the Jingle Bell Run for the first time
* Joined the North Area Family YMCA
* Sold crafts with my mom at the Liverpool HS, ESM HS, and Soule Rd craft shows
* Registered for my first triathlon
* Participated in the 8-Week Ride at the YMCA
* Participated in the triathlon swim clinic
* Traveled to Baltimore for the USA Lacrosse National Convention
* Traveled to Florida with my family
* Signed up for triathlon training with Coach Kelly
* Was laid off from my job
* Participated in my first practice triathlon which included my first open water swim
* Watched my beautiful son graduate from Kindergarten
* Accepted the fact that I may only have one child and was OK with that
* Ran in the Save the River run in Clayton, NY and smashed my time from last year
* Lost 20 pounds
* Came in 4th place (1 place off from winning a prize) in the YMCA's 12-Week Challenge
* Participated in my first triathlon
* Volunteered for the Cazenovia triathlon
* Ran in the Willow Bay Run for Women
* Signed up for personalized triathlon training with Coach Kelly
* Volunteered for the Syracuse 70.3
* Ran in the Arc 5K and set a PR
* Ran in the Festival of Races
* Ran in the LaFayette Apple Run and set another PR
* Celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary

I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish, so I made a list of some things and surprisingly, I think a lot of them can be accomplished in the next year. I think that I might just have to post them somewhere I can see them at all times so I have a constant reminder of what I want out of life. Here is my list. Anything with a * next to it is something I think I can do this year. Anything with a - next to it is something that I need more time.

* Run a 10K...already scheduled for Thanksgiving morning
* Run a 15K...the Boilermaker?
- Run a Half Marathon
* Start a sports/fitness themed craft business
- Purchase waterfront property
* Lose 10 more pounds
- Travel to Hawaii, out west (US or Canada) for a ski vacation, Alaska for a cruise, the Mediterranean for a cruise, Ireland, and Italy
* Take Alex to Yankee Stadium for a game
* or - Complete an Olympic distance tri
* Run a sub-10 minute mile
* Run a sub-30 minute 5K
* Learn to crochet
* Be a consistent "Clean Eater"
* Plant a really good veggie and herb garden
* Learn to preserve the veggies to use during the winter months
* Purchase a road bike
* Upgrade my Mac and/or purchase a laptop

Yup, I am definitely printing this list to remind me of my goals. Why go through life just drifting and waiting for things to happen? If I see this list constantly, I will make my dreams come true.

Happy birthday to me!


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  1. I can help you with learning to crochet (at least get you started) and am more than happy to can veggies with you next summer! I'm not an expert at either, but I have done both. I especially love canning tomatoes and homemade salsa.