Sunday, October 3, 2010

Festival of Races Race Report

The Day Before

On Saturday, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods in Shoppingtown Mall to pick up my race number and long sleeve technical shirt. I'm definitely starting to love technical shirts, especially long sleeve ones. Since I was in the neighborhood, I drove the race course to check it out. There was a small up hill climb at the beginning, but it wasn't too bad. Besides, the up hill climb at the beginning would mean a down hill toward the end of the race which was fine by me! The rest of the course was flat which definitely made me happy.

Saturday evening, I joined my husband at Labrador Ski Mountain to celebrate their National Ski Patrol's 50th anniversary. The plan was to have a couple glasses of wine at the beginning of the celebration then drink water the rest of the evening so I wouldn't be hurting on race morning. My mistake was drinking RED wine which will give me headaches on occasion. By the time I started drinking water, I already had a headache. After I drove my drunk husband home, I took some ibuprophen and crashed on the couch for awhile. I was in and out of sleep, but the headache wouldn't go away. Finally I headed for bed after taking some more ibuprophen. Unfortunately I felt a little nauseous when I laid down. How could I be feeling this way after only a couple glasses of wine?!?!?! I was not happy!!!!


Woke up and still had the headache. Crap!!! I took more ibuprophen with my home made iced mocha and PB&J toast and eventually the headache went away. Unfortunately, I was having trouble getting rid of the "I drank too much and just want to get back in bed and sleep all day" feeling. Not a feeling you want when you're about to run a 5K.

I had trouble figuring out what to wear. I love running when it's cool out, but I always seem to over- or under-dress. The temp was in the 40's, so I went with a long sleeve tech shirt that had a half zip front and also wore long leggings. When I got to the race site, I got out of the car and was freezing, but I knew that wouldn't last once I started running.

Race Time!

Coach Kelly's plan for the race was to do mile 1 in Zone 2, mile 2 in Zone 3, and mile 3 all out. After the gun sounded, it felt like all 3 miles were all out. Immediately my HR jumped to Zone 3 and I hoped there were ambulances throughout the course because I feared I might just need one. As best as I could, I stayed in a low-Zone 3 for mile 1. I reached the mile 1 marker at 10:29, which was OK and, considering the condition I was in, I was happy. After that, I upped my HR to a high-Zone 3. Unfortunately, they didn't have a sign at the mile 2 mile marker, so I didn't know when to really kick it up. They did have the km markers, so when I reached the km 4 marker, I kicked it into high gear. I had a couple of runners ahead of me in my sights to catch and I'm happy to report I caught one, but not the other. Again, considering how I felt, I was happy. Needless to say, I was never happier to see a finish line as I was today.

Post Race

According to my watch, my finish time was an even 32:00 for a pace of 10:19. I figured I would be no where close to getting a PR, but believe it or not, this was my second best time ever. Just think how well I could have done if I felt better. Note to self: if you've spent money on a race, there will be NO DRINKING ADULT BEVERAGES THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!! Lesson learned!

I have to say, I was pretty impressed by the post-race grub they had at the race. Tops was there with bagels, bananas, sports drinks, chocolate milk, yogurt, etc. Salsarita's was there with chips and Salsa, and Applebee's was there with salad. No way you would go hungry after the race.

USA Track was there with some merchandise and I bought a nice short sleeve neon yellow tech shirt. I've wanted both short and long sleeve shirts in this color for better visibility.

Another booth that was there was a new company named I'm Faster Than Yesterday. They weren't selling shirts, but they had three women's short sleeve tech shirts and three men's short sleeve tech shirts on display. All had a running themed design on them and if you filled out a survey about your favorites, you might win one. I would love to do something like this and come up with cool triathlon designs and screen print them on tech shirts to sell. I'm making a killing selling my wine coasters to all my YMCA friends, so maybe I could be just as successful. Why not?!?!?! I've been thinking about getting a starter screen printing kit, so maybe I should do just that. Stay tuned!!

Well, that's about it from the 2010 Festival of Races. Next weekend is a busy one with the Breast Cancer Awareness Ride on Saturday and the LaFayette Apple Run on Sunday.


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  1. Nice job today!! Proud of you pushing through the not-quite-there feeling to a strong finish. We'll get you under 30 minutes before you know it!!