Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Thoughts

It's been awhile since my last post and I have a lot on my mind. I'm going to steal an idea from Coach Kelly and just start rambling random thoughts...

Alarm Clocks
Why is it so difficult to find a decent alarm clock? Now that I have to get up early, I need an alarm clock. The alarm portion is no longer functioning on my old one, so I took the one out of my son's room. The light on it was so bright that it kept me awake. Went and bought another one and the light on that was worse. Returned that and bought a second one...couldn't get a radio station to save my life. Returned that and bought a third one...again, too bright. This weekend, I will return that and once again attempt to find the perfect alarm clock.

Stomach Issues
Why does a job have to screw up your digestive system? While unemployed, I would get up, have my coffee, do my "business" if you know what I mean, bring Alex to the bus, then start my day. Why can't it be like that again???

Alex's Birthday
My baby has turned 6 years old. Where has the time gone? Physically he's growing up so fast and he's developing quite a personality. Love it and hate it at the same time.

Bruegger's 5K Run at Beaver Lake
Did my first 5K race on a trail last weekend. Didn't set the world on fire, but enjoyed it. The trail was too narrow to worry about time with this one. Besides, how can you worry about time when a guy dressed like a whoopie (sp?) cushion beats you across the finish line?

Syracuse 70.3 Focus Group
I participated in a focus group about the volunteer experience at the Syracuse 70.3. Interesting conversations. Gave me inspiration to try to get back into the sports business.

Empire State Half and Full Marathon
Found out the other day that Syracuse will host its first half and full marathon next October. Would like to do the half, but I'm more interested in actually working on the race as a paid employee. After a couple of emails, I'm going to speak with Brian Collins, the organizer and brother of local running "rock star" Kevin Collins who I just happen to be working with in my running group.

Safe Running in the Dark
Bought a reflective belt at Fleet Feet and am going to Target to shop for headlamps so I can run in the dark. Daylight savings time ends this weekend, so I'll need something.

I'm having trouble adjusting to working again. Loved the schedule while unemployed, but hated the pay. Would love a job or a couple PT jobs to get me back to the same type of schedule while keeping the pay.

Christmas Music
Why is Sunny 102 already playing Christmas music? Seriously?!?!?!

Craft Shows
Mom and I are participating in the first of three craft shows this weekend. This weekend at Liverpool HS, next weekend at ESM HS, then Dec 11 at Soule Rd. Elementary. Planned on making more items over the summer while I was home, but as usual I procrastinated and now I'm rushing to get things done. I REALLY wanted to get my screen printed shirt ready to sell. From a distance it looks like a Christmas tree, but when you get closer, its actually the word "Believe." Maybe I can have it ready by next weekend.

Missing Milestones
Why did I have to miss the karate session where Alex got his first tip on his belt? I hate missing those types of things.

Early AM Groceries
Actually had to set my alarm last Sunday to go grocery shopping at 6:30 AM. I miss being unemployed.

Run Like a Mother
Bought this book the other day and so far I LOVE it! I connect with everything I've read so far.

Good Problem to Have
I haven't worn "real" work clothes in about two years because at my last job we got to wear jeans. As I'm pulling out clothes I'm finding a lot of them don't fit any more because of my 20 lb weight loss. Looks like I get to go shopping!

Too Many Sweets
My new place of work has food EVERYWHERE. Going to have to work on my willpower.

Early to Bed
With my early AM workouts, I have to be in bed by 10:00. I miss watching Castle on Monday's and Parenthood on Tuesday's. Coach Kelly: if you're going to give me a day off from spin or swim, assign that on a Tuesday or Wednesday so I can stay up "late." Thanks!

Well, I think that's all I have on my mind for now. Tomorrow I go on a 55 min run before my craft show. Will get to put those reflective items to the test.



  1. Do you have DVR??? I just finished your week, but I"ll definitely keep that in mind! :)

  2. hey debbie: thanks for the words about Run Like A Mother. sounds like you've got a lot: triathlon, new job, shopping to do (congrats!), running in the dark. keep up the good work--many happy miles!