Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa! Since Christmas is two weeks away, I thought it would be a good time to give you my Christmas list. Some things I want are material things and others are not, so I divided my list up accordingly.


* Specialized road bike from the Bike Loft
* Indoor bike trainer...only if I get the road bike
* CNY Triathlon Club tri top in pink
* CNY Triathlon Club membership renewed
* Entry fee into the 2011 Iron Girl
* Subscriptions to Runner's World Magazine and Triathlete Magazine
* Running shoes from Fleet Feet because I'm due
* Entry fee into the Empire State 1/2 Marathon
* Couple more pair of padded bike shorts
* Entry fee into the 2011 Green Lakes Triathlon
* Entry fee into the 2011 River Rat Triathlon in Clayton
* Kia Sorento
* Nuu-Muu running dress
* Smart Wool socks just like the ones I already have because they TOTALLY ROCK!
* Waterfront property so I can open water swim whenever I want

* Cool mantra to motivate me whenever I need it
* Sub 10-minute mile
* Sub 30-minute 5K
* A job or a couple of PT jobs that allow me to put time in training, have time for family, and have time to craft
* Martha Stewart like ability to keep my life running like a well oiled machine
* Family friendly job for Dan with decent pay, good benefits, and average stress levels
* Motivation, time, ability, etc to get my crafting business up and running once and for all

If the above is too much, just send 10s and 20s!

Thanks Santa!

Love, Debbie

1 comment:

  1. Love It!
    I hope you get all of the above, but if not, the 10s and 20s sound good to me.