Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a Wonderful Run 5K Race Report

Last Saturday I finished up my 2011 race season. It was a pretty short season seeing that I only started it in August. Next week I'll write about my full 2011 race season. But, for now, I'll wrap up what has been an interesting year of racing.

On Saturday I ran the "It's a Wonderful Run" 5K in Seneca Falls. I figured it would be a nice way to get some holiday spirit while being active at the same time.

I started Saturday morning by running at Onondaga Lake Park with the Kevin Collins run group. Coach Kelly wasn't crazy about me running, but out of the 8 previous weeks, I had missed 4 of them. I was longing to run with friends and didn't want to do a run alone. So we agreed that I would do 60 min of my run in the morning and finish my long run with the 5K. So, I headed to the park at 7:00 AM and ran with my friend Mary D. and another woman I just met that day, but now her name escapes me. At the end of the 60 min we ran about 5.5 miles.

At 2:00 I met my friends Erin and Sarah at the Y to car pool to Seneca Falls. I definitely didn't want to drive and run out there by myself, so it was great to have the two of them for company.

We arrived at the Hotel Clarence and picked up our race packet. One of the unique things about this race is that it was going to be featured on MTV. A woman from Rochester wanted to be "made" into a 5K runner on their show "Made." So this race was her graduation. At the packet pick up, we had to sign a waiver that it was OK that we were filmed. I'll definitely look forward to this show to see if we made it on TV. At the hotel we ran into another friend of ours Kelly who trained with us for Iron Girl. We then headed back out to the car to get into our race clothes and have a PB sandwich. While we were out there we ran into our friends Sue and Naiela so it was really nice to have a group from the Y there.

After we all got dressed (including putting on a loaner Santa hat from Naiela) we headed toward the start line to check things out. The start was on the bridge similar to the one in the movie.

We jogged around a little, then headed to the Community Center to warm up and get in one more bathroom break.

Everyone started to gather on the bridge while we waited for the start. The "Made" woman was nearby along with the camera crews in addition to some bag pipers.

The "starting gun" was courtesy of the woman who played the little girl in the "Wonderful Life" movie. Her famous line was "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings" or something like that (I have to admit, I've never seen the entire movie!) When she said the word "wings" that was when we started.

I started off and my legs quickly started to protest. They probably figured they had already done their run for the day and wondered why I was stupid enough to run again. I quickly lost sight of everyone else as they quickly took off. But, my plan all along was to take it slow and not go for a PR.

When we first started it wasn't all that dark out which was disappointing because I wanted to see all the Christmas lights. But, that soon changed and we had pretty lights to meet us around every turn. Many neighbors were out to cheer us on and we even had a chorus singing carols at a fire station.

As we came down the main street heading toward the finish, I was running with this older man. We passed a bank and he shouted "Merry Christmas you old savings and loan!" (Again, a line from the movie which doesn't have much meaning to me.) As we neared the finish, I kicked it into high gear and left him in my dust. My finish time was 32:27 or something around that...I cleared the time out of my Garmin and I haven't downloaded it yet to get the time again.

We hung out at the finish line to see the "Made" woman cross the finish line which she did in about 45 min or so. Even though I was pretty spent from running earlier in the day, I was determined not to let her beat me. Mission accomplished.

I did have a disappointment that day due to the race. While I was gone, my husband took my son sledding. On one of his trips down the hill, he hit a bump which knocked his loose tooth out. I was sad that I missed that. But what makes matters worse is that, because I wasn't there and didn't have it drilled into my head that the Tooth Fairy needed to come that night, I forgot to leave money under his pillow. I know that running these races is good because I have to think of myself, but it makes me sad that my son suffered some sadness because of it. However, the Tooth Fairy quickly made up for her mistake by slipping in an extra few bucks. I definitely will have to be better about those things!

That's it for now. Next blog will probably be a look ahead to 2011.


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