Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again...Literally!

Yesterday I went to visit my doctor for a follow up appointment on my foot. At first I was thinking about postponing the appointment because the weather was horrible yesterday. So much for there only being 22 days left until certainly doesn't look like Spring is right around the corner! Anyway, the snow seemed to let up a bit, so I headed out to see what Dr. Consilla would say.

I've been feeling pretty good and have been without my air cast for a few days, so I was pretty hopeful. The x-rays I had taken Monday were clear and he said my foot showed no negative outward signs. He pushed on the bad spot a few times and, although it was still a little tender, it wasn't nearly as bad as it was about a month ago.

His theory is that I'm 80-90% healed and in a couple more weeks, I should be able to resume running again. As for now, he said I could get back to doing spin classes, swimming, and some walking/light jogging.

The eager side of me took over and I went to spin class this morning. He said as long as I don't stand too much and kept the resistance light, that I should be OK. So, I did just that. A couple times I felt a little "something" on my sore spot and sat while the others climbed out of the saddle. I had a little feeling of shame that I couldn't do what the others were doing. But, I knew I shouldn't push it and regress. So, I did what I could. The last time I did a spin class, my foot started hurting after I got home, so I was a little nervous how I would feel after getting home this morning. So far, I'm doing great and hope it stays that way.

The nervous side of me is wondering how my first walk/light jog session is going to go. I emailed Kevin Collins, YMCA Director of Running and coach to our running group, to see if he could come up with a recovery plan for me. Dr. Consilla wants me to stay off pavement for a couple weeks and just keep everything to the treadmill. Haven't heard back yet from Kevin, but I'm sure he'll play it safe. As long as I can get a sitter for Alex, I will have to do some walking on the pavement next Saturday when I participate in the Tipp Hill Shamrock Run...I mean WALK. But, walking on the pavement should be OK.

As of now, here is my plan for the next week:

Sun 2/27: Aqua jogging
Mon 2/28: Spin
Tue 3/1: Weights
Wed 3/2: Not sure...whatever Kevin tells me to do
Thu 3/3: Spin or weights
Fri 3/4: Swim...I really should get back in the pool
Sat 3/5: Tipp Hill
Sun 3/6: Aqua jogging


Monday, February 21, 2011

Injuries are Tough When You're an All or Nothing Kind of Person

So, its been over a month since I've last posted. Life has turned upside down in that time period:

1) Dan went back to work. This is the first time he's worked outside of the house in over two years.

2) Because Dan is no longer working from home, I had to decrease my work hours. I'm now working 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM so I can get Alex on and off the bus each day.

3) At work, I'm now doing the work of two people. Because I've got more work and less time, I'm very stressed.

4) I have a stress fracture in my left foot, so my training is very limited.

Even though my life has turned upside down, its not all bad. 1 & 2 are actually pretty good. Obviously I'm glad Dan is no longer on unemployment and I'm really liking the lighter work schedule. 3 & 4 aren't so good. 3 was really bad up until a couple weeks ago because we had a big event in Albany that I was responsible for, but since it's over, its not so bad any more.

And then theres 4. Not happy about that one. Luckily, I'm almost at the end of my limited training. Let me back track a bit on this story:

On Sunday, January 23, I ran the Chilly Chili 5K in Cazenovia. "Chilly" is an understatement to describe the conditions that day. The temp was about 7*, but the windchill made it feel like -7*. I knew a PR was not going to happen that day. It was just nice to have something to do to break up the winter. Plus, there was chili and beer at the finish line. Doesn't get much better than that! Anyway, my finish time was 33:53 for 640th place out of 860 participants. After the race, we walked to the chili cook off to enjoy the festivities before heading home.

On Monday, I got up and participated in my normal 6:00 AM spin class. The class went well and I headed home. I got home, took off my winter boots, started to walk in the house, and then I felt pain shooting through my left foot. Over the previous few weeks, I would feel a slight bit of pain there, but I figured it was just my foot adjusting to my added mileage. Since December, I had been participating in the Intermediate level of the YMCA/Kevin Collins running group. I had gotten up to over 8 miles and almost two hours for my long runs. During those runs, I felt fine, so I really didn't have any major signs that something was wrong. All day Monday, I limped around work. When I got home from work, I stupidly played "Just Dance 2" on the Wii with my husband and son. It hurt a lot, but I was having too much fun to care. After Wii, I iced my foot the rest of the night and hoped I would wake up all healed.

On Tuesday, the pain was still there. I continued to limp around at work that morning, but I knew I had to see my doctor. I called and luckily he has a group practice with another doctor that is a foot specialist. So, they had me get an x-ray first then I headed to the doc. His diagnosis was a stress fracture and it would take 4-6 weeks to heal. He wanted me to not do any training for one week then I could start up with things like swimming and upper body weight lifting. I left there with a lovely air cast:

Now, one major problem I have is that I'm an all or nothing type of person. Once he told me I couldn't train for a week, I had a really hard time getting back in the swing of things in a limited mode. If I couldn't go all out like I had been doing, then I wasn't going to do anything. Since my diagnosis, I've done two things: Core Conditioning class last Tuesday and some aqua jogging yesterday with Erin who is also rehabbing an injury. On top of that, I've really let my eating slide. When I was in full blown training mode, donuts rarely made it to my lips. Since my injury, I've lost track of the number I've eaten. I'm pretty disgusted with myself and can't wait to get clearance from my doctor. Today I went for a follow up x-ray and will revisit the doctor on Friday. Hopefully I'll get the all clear signal and can get back to work next week. If not, I'll have to really dig deep to change my all or nothing mindset. I'll try not to wait so long to post...hopefully I'll actually get on Friday or this weekend sometime to update what the doc says. Wish me luck!