Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again...Literally!

Yesterday I went to visit my doctor for a follow up appointment on my foot. At first I was thinking about postponing the appointment because the weather was horrible yesterday. So much for there only being 22 days left until certainly doesn't look like Spring is right around the corner! Anyway, the snow seemed to let up a bit, so I headed out to see what Dr. Consilla would say.

I've been feeling pretty good and have been without my air cast for a few days, so I was pretty hopeful. The x-rays I had taken Monday were clear and he said my foot showed no negative outward signs. He pushed on the bad spot a few times and, although it was still a little tender, it wasn't nearly as bad as it was about a month ago.

His theory is that I'm 80-90% healed and in a couple more weeks, I should be able to resume running again. As for now, he said I could get back to doing spin classes, swimming, and some walking/light jogging.

The eager side of me took over and I went to spin class this morning. He said as long as I don't stand too much and kept the resistance light, that I should be OK. So, I did just that. A couple times I felt a little "something" on my sore spot and sat while the others climbed out of the saddle. I had a little feeling of shame that I couldn't do what the others were doing. But, I knew I shouldn't push it and regress. So, I did what I could. The last time I did a spin class, my foot started hurting after I got home, so I was a little nervous how I would feel after getting home this morning. So far, I'm doing great and hope it stays that way.

The nervous side of me is wondering how my first walk/light jog session is going to go. I emailed Kevin Collins, YMCA Director of Running and coach to our running group, to see if he could come up with a recovery plan for me. Dr. Consilla wants me to stay off pavement for a couple weeks and just keep everything to the treadmill. Haven't heard back yet from Kevin, but I'm sure he'll play it safe. As long as I can get a sitter for Alex, I will have to do some walking on the pavement next Saturday when I participate in the Tipp Hill Shamrock Run...I mean WALK. But, walking on the pavement should be OK.

As of now, here is my plan for the next week:

Sun 2/27: Aqua jogging
Mon 2/28: Spin
Tue 3/1: Weights
Wed 3/2: Not sure...whatever Kevin tells me to do
Thu 3/3: Spin or weights
Fri 3/4: Swim...I really should get back in the pool
Sat 3/5: Tipp Hill
Sun 3/6: Aqua jogging


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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better! I hope the new plan works!