Thursday, March 10, 2011

Empire State of Mind

Back in December, I posted about what I wanted for Christmas from Santa. I have to say, that I have gotten a lot of things on that list including...

* CNY Triathlon club membership renewed
* Entry fee into the 2011 Iron Girl
* Subscriptions to Runner's World and Triathlete magazines
* New running shoes from Fleet Feet
* Entry fee into the Green Lakes Triathlon
* Smart Wool socks
* A family friendly job for Dan

The last thing that I've gotten is "a job or a couple PT jobs..." and that is what my big news is about. It's been a long process that started back in October and it's still not completely where I want it to be. But, I am on the right track.

I can't remember the name of the author or the exact title, but a couple years back I read a book that told you how to be a "Renaissance Person." This is someone who has a lot of different interests and the book explained how you could do all these different things. I see Coach Kelly as someone like this. She is a triathlete, a coach, a professor, a mom, and a professional musician.

Ever since I read this book, I dreamed of being able to be this type of person. My interests include teaching, sports, event management, graphic arts, triathlon training, and being the best mom. This week, everything finally fell into place for me and I think I can now truly call myself a Renaissance Woman. Here is how...

* In October, I was hired by The Manufacturers' Associaion of Central New York (MACNY) to cover for a woman while she was out for some surgery. This job was suppose to last 6-8 weeks and my duties included coordinating all the details for their training events and helping one of the VPs with communications. At the end of the 8 weeks, they asked if I wanted to stay on longer. Naturally I said yes! And today they presented me with a job offer to come on as one of their regular employees. So, with this job, I'll be able to do event management, graphic arts, and the schedule allows me to get Alex on and off the bus, so I'll be able to be a mom too.

* Sometime in the fall, I started discussion with the YMCA to come on as a math tutor. Saturday I go for my training and next week I'll take on my first students. So, with this job, I'll be able to get back into teaching.

* Now for my "big news." Since the story is pretty long, some other day I'll put up a post on how I went after a master's degree in sport management. But, all of my life, I've had an enjoyment of sports and eventually wanted it to become my day job. I got my degree in 2007 and worked in sports until 2010 when I got laid off. Other than local colleges, I feared I reached the end of the road for opportunities to work locally in sports.

But, in early November, a press release went out about a new event coming to town: the Empire State Marathon. After some research, I discovered that the Event Director was Brian Collins of Phoenix, AZ and brother of my running coach Kevin Collins. The gears started in my head and I started thinking that it would be difficult to organize a marathon from AZ and that they might just need some staff locally to help pull it off. I figured since I knew Kevin that I should email him to see what he knew. Next thing I know, Keving is telling me he forwarded my email to Brian and a few days later I'm getting a call from Brian.

And now, after 4 months, I'm happy to unofficially announce (an agreement will be signed soon!) that I will be the Volunteer Director for the inagural Empire State Marathon. Since this is the first year of the event, there isn't money to get paid, so I will be a volunteer too. But, my hope, and Brian's hope, is to make the race a big enough success that maybe in the future this position can grow into something paid. So, even though I'm not completely where I wanted to be with this position, I'm in a great place. I'm really looking forward to proving myself and helping the event be a huge success.

I hope those of you reading this think my news is "big" because I sure do! I guess it feels big because I went after something and achieved it. This is something I never would have done 10 years ago because I would have thought I wasn't worthy of it. Maybe I'm finally getting some self esteem...better late than never I suppose!


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  1. AWESOME NEWS!! I love it when things come together like this!!