Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey There Running Shoes!! Remember Me??

Today was a day that I've been looking forward to and also dreading for about 5 weeks. It was my first run since the discovery of my stress fracture. Although I used to hate running, I've missed it terribly. Not sure if it was because I hated the fact that I couldn't do it or if I truly have developed a love of running. Either way, I couldn't wait to get back to it.

However, I've been dreading it because I've been scared to re-injure myself. What if I started out and the pain came back. The air cast would have to go back on for who knows how long. I was scared of what might happen.

Today was the first day of the spring running group. So, I showed up at the YMCA for my 5:45 AM session. My plan was to run inside on the treadmill as per doctor's orders. He wants me on a treadmill and off the pavement for another couple weeks or so. (I'm going to hit the pavement on Saturday for the Tipperary Hill Shamrock 4 mile Run, but I'm going to walk most if not all of it, so I think I'll be OK.) The part of the plan that I wasn't sure of was how long I should run. I left that decision up to Kevin. I ended up walking at a 2.7 pace for 5 minutes to warm up a little. Then I did some easy jogging at a 3.5 pace for 15 minutes and ended with a 5 minute cool down at 2.7.

When it was over, I braced myself for pain...but it never came. All day I was pain free...woo hoo!!!!

Going forward, I think my running schedule will be as follows:

* Monday: run 15 minutes before 6:00 AM spin class
* Wednesday: run with the group or on my own on the treadmill at 5:45 AM
* Thursday: run 15 minutes after 5:45 AM spin class
* Saturday: "long" run of 30 minutes with the group at Green Lakes, Onondaga Lake Park, or on my own
* Sunday: maybe some aqua jogging

I'm going to try this schedule for about 3 weeks and see how it goes.

When I spoke with Kevin this morning he told me that he changed the schedule for the groups. In the previous sessions, we increased our time every two weeks. This time around, we increase every three weeks. And, get ready for this, he said it was my injury that made him do the change. Wow! I didn't realize I had that kind of power! ;-) I don't know if I should feel proud or guilty for this! ;-)

Well, I better get going and start dinner. Within the next week I've got some news to share about a project that I'll be involved with that involves some distance running, so stay tuned for that.


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  1. I'm looking forward to running with you again...and seeing you more often!