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The Goat Has Been Tamed! Mountain Goat Race Report

A few weeks ago I registered for the 10 Mile Mountain Goat Run and immediately I regretted it. Up until today, the most I ran was about 8.5 miles and right after, my foot started hurting because of a stress fracture. Leading up to the race, I was very nervous. It wasn't because I thought I didn't have the stamina to finish. It was because I was afraid that part way through the race my foot would start hurting again and I wouldn't be able to finish. I've never not completed a race. I thought there was a real chance it might happen today.

In fact, I was so nervous, that I had a couple Mountain Goat dreams this week:

Dream 1: I started the Mountain Goat fine and ran about half way. At that point, I didn't think I could finish and I went into a shelter for homeless people. I stayed there for an hour or two before realizing that I could do it. I went outside and started to run again. At this point, it was night time and dark out. The course was closed and no one was there to help me. There were some shady looking characters in the neighborhood, so I got scared and ran back to the shelter. Somehow, my car was in their parking lot, so I got in a drove home.

Dream 2: I was running the Mountain Goat, but for some reason, the distance was 13.1 miles and it was a two loop course. Parts of the course reminded me of the Iron Girl course, but one thing was different: part of the course went through people's houses. I ran through one house toward the end of the first loop then I realized I was running through it again. I was so excited that I was near the finish, but I woke up before actually crossing the finish line.


One thing I like to do is collect motivational quotes and I keep them in a small journal in my purse. I added one recently that I really liked and I decided to write it on my hand just in case I felt like stopping. The actual quote is longer, so I shortened it to fit my palm:

I parked in the gated lot that we use for work and I got there right when Karyn's husband John was unloading the kids into their stroller. I walked over to Clinton Square with him and met Karyn on the way. Eventually I met up with Shawn and her husband and saw a few of the Y runners and also Coach Kevin. We made our way over to the start area and next thing I know, the clock is running and so are the participants.

Race Time
I was happy to be running with Shawn because I figured we'd be there to motivate each other and to talk to and keep our minds off of the pain. Unfortunately, she had a bathroom emergency and had to leave me before the 1st mile marker. I was on my own. I wasn't exactly liking that.

A little while after passing the first mile marker, we got to the first hill. Here we go! My plan was to walk/jog up the hills, so I alternated on this hill. There were a few places where it flattened out and I took advantage and ran these parts. Running in Onondaga Park was very nice with the gorgeous view of the small lake and the Dome.

Next thing I knew we were headed down. Woo hoo!

I remember being so happy to see the 5 mile marker. As I approached the marker, the guy stationed here yelled out, "You're less than half way! Now you are half way! Now you're more than half way!"

I also remember passing the 10K marker. Up until that point, I had never run a race longer than 10K. Now I have.

The hill up Colvin was horrible. I walked the entire way.

Anohter memorable marker was the one at 9 miles. Not only was there just 1 mile to go, but I knew this was the farthest I had run EVER. Very proud of myself here.

Goal #1 was to finish. At this point, I knew that would happen. Goal #2 was to finish in less than 1 hour. I had been running about a 12 minute pace and when I passed the 9 mile marker, I was at about 1:47:00. I had 13 minutes to run 1 mile. I figured it was possible, but my legs were burning and didn't want to cooperate. I wanted so badly to walk, but I refused. I actually yelled at myself, "You are NOT walking!"

When I turned right on Salina Street I could see the finish line, but it seemed so far away. I checked my watch and I had just under 2 minutes before the 2 hour mark. I picked up the pace, but not much. Then, when I was only a couple blocks away, I dug deep and started running as fast as I could. The gun time on their clock showed just over 2 hours, but I knew my net time was good:

According to the website, I actually did 5 seconds better with 1:59:09. Cool!

Post Race
Here are all my stats from the Leone Timing website:

Place: 2114
Gun Time: 02:01:23
Net Time: 01:59:09
Age Group Place: 162 out of 174
Gender Place: 887 out of 980
Gun Pace: 12:09
Net Pace: 11:55
5 Mile Split 1: 00:57:24
5 Mile Split 2: 01:01:46

So, now that I've finished this run, I'm happy to report I am allowed to wear my official race shirt:

Shawn finished and we cheerfully toasted our finish:

Right now I think I'm going to take the foam roller and work on my legs. My hubby is working on a celebratory dinner of steak, broccoli, and baked potato. I think I might just have to enjoy a glass of wine with it too.

Tomorrow I might head to the pool to do some aqua jogging to get the legs moving again but without the pounding.


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