Friday, June 24, 2011

Green Lakes Triathlon and the 3 G's

I fibbed two posts ago when I said my next post was going to be Green Lakes 3 G's recap. I had to squeeze the Corporate Challenge in there. So, here I am now with the recap of Green Lakes and my 3 G's. Some of you may remember my Iron Girl 3 G's post from last year. For those of you not familiar with the 3 G's, they stand for Gratitude-Goals-Game Plan. I'm going to go through each phase of the triathlon and state things I'm grateful for, some goals for next time, and a game plan for how I want to get there. So, here we go:

* My dinner the night before the race sat well: shrimp skewers, salt potatoes, cole slaw, and a small beer from JD's formerly known as Dougs. I think I had this dinner before Iron Girl last year too!
* I slept GREAT the night before
* The rain stopped just as I was getting to Green Lakes
* All my clothes and equipment were clean and easy to find making packing a breeze
* All bathroom issues were resolved at home before I left...if you know what I mean! ;)

1) Go to bed even earlier than I did
2) Use more visualization
3) Eat something closer to the start of the race so I don't feel hungry while waiting to start the swim

Game Plan
1a) Start packing/gathering things two days before the race and not the night before
1b) Get in bed 8 hours before you're getting up. Even if you're reading, just relax
2) Plan visualization into your off day
3) Pack 1/2 PB&J sandwich to eat about 1/2 hour before your swim wave starts

* The water felt like bath water at 72*
* I had a steady freestyle stroke the entire swim
* Although my time registered 18:10, I actually got out of the water around 16:40
* My goggles didn't fog up on me...thank you Shawn for the drops!
* I didn't get run over too much by the men
* My right shoulder didn't give me any problems

1) Strengthen my shoulders
2) Breathe on both sides
3) Realize swim time stops when you cross sthe timing mat, not when you exit the water necessarily

Game Plan
1a) Work more weight training sessions back into my training routine
1b) Find specific exercises for swim/bike/run
2) Practice breathing on both sides in the pool
3) Run faster from the shore to the timing mat and practice this during the Wednesday night session at Oneida Shores

* Wetsuit came off easily
* My neighbors were already gone from earlier waves, so I had lots of room to maneuver

1) Don't waste time getting a drink now
2) Don't waste time putting a top on
3) Get into your shoes faster

Game Plan
1a) Get a water bottle holder on your bike
1b) Fill the bottle with Gatorade or have a gummy with water
2) Wear your tri suit or the CNY Tri top over a bra and wear it under your wetsuit
3) Practice biking without socks

* No flat tires
* I made it up the hills without having to walk
* Roads weren't too wet to make them slippery from the rain
* Police to hold off traffic at out two left turns
* Didn't fall like 3 of my friends did
* No rain during the race

1) Speed

Game Plan
1) Good question!

* Warm dry socks for the run
* Remembering my bib for the run

1) Don't waste time getting a drink now
2) change shoes faster

Game Plan
1) Have your fuel belt ready and pin your number to it
2) Practice running without socks and consider doing that.

* Left hip and foot felt good
* Because of my warm socks, the feeling in my feet came back quickly
* Y friends to cheer me on at the finish

1) Be aware of your pace so you know how hard you need to push

Game Plan
1) Wear a watch. I have my old watch and my nice Garmin. My old watch is waterproof, so I can wear it during the swim and won't have to put it on in T1. My Garmin is not waterproof, but it will give me my pace. Will have to do some thinking on this one...

* Came in under my 1:45:00 goal
* Perfect weather with overcast skies
* Plenty of Y friends to share the experience with
* Great volunteers

1) Faster

Game Plan
1) Use all of the above plans

I've got some work to do before Iron Girl...TTFN!

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