Friday, September 23, 2011

I Think I Might Just Be Able To Do This!!!!!

Last Sunday was the 2nd Annual Ironman Syracuse 70.3. Last year I was unemployed and volunteered a lot. This year I was able to volunteer at the Information Booth both Saturday afternoon at the Expo and Sunday morning at the race site. Last year for the race itself, I volunteered at the water stop at mile 12 on the run. It was pretty cool to see everyone run by, but this year I wanted to be at Jamesville Beach. Unlike last year, the Start and Finish lines were both at the park. So, by volunteering at the park, I could see the start, some swimming, some transitions, some biking, some running, and the finish...basically, I got to see it all. And by working the morning shift, I could be there to enjoy the finish.

I never once thought about participating in this year's event. Let me take that back, I actually gave some thought to participating on a relay team. I had no desire to do the bike portion, but I would be OK with the swim or the run. I never asked anyone if they wanted to join me, but if the opportunity came up, I would have considered it. Since the opportunity never did come up, I figured a relay would be possible next year.

But something happened on Sunday: something convinced me that I could do the entire thing next year. Do I expect to set a course record?!?!? Far from it!!! I just think I can finish...maybe around 7 hours.

But it's that darn bike course. I will definitely have to give that bike course a ride this fall before I decide for sure. It's the fear of the unknown and if I can get on that course and know what I'm in for, it might just not be too bad.

After I watched some people cross the finish line, I decided to pack up and head out. When I got to my vehicle, I saw that some people put some flyers under everyone's wipers. But something else was there too: a 70.3 Euro sticker for the rear window. I envy people who have them on their vehicles. I'm definitely holding onto mine because, who knows...maybe on June 24, 2012 I can actually put one on my vehicle.


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  1. LIKE!! When are you going to get out there and ride it??