Friday, December 30, 2011

Time to Clean Out My Head

I've got a lot going on in my head right now. I'm feeling kind of down. In fact, I've felt kind of down the last 3 months. A perfect storm has stirred up a lot...

October, Where Did You Go?
October is my absolute favorite month. Although I love summer, there is nothing like the Fall in Central New York. I love the cooler weather and "sweater weather." I especially love running in the cooler weather. I love the changing color of the leaves. I love that my birthday and my son's birthday are both in October...I really hoped for an October baby and he snuck in there on Halloween. I love October so much, that I convinced my husband to get married during that month.

This October, however, was full of stress. I was the Volunteer Director for the inaugural Empire State Marathon on October 16 and, although it was great to be a part of this wonderful event, it took a lot out of me. The weeks leading up to the race were incredibly crazy and, once the race was done, it took a couple weeks for me to recover. So, basically, I didn't get to enjoy October this year.

Oh How I Hate the Dark and the Cold
And with the Fall months comes increased darkness. And with increased darkness comes decreased motivation (AKA I think I'll hit my snooze button this morning) I often wonder if I have SAD (Seasonal Affective least I think that's what it stands for!) because my snooze button has gotten a workout lately.

Although we haven't had a lot of snow so far for Syracuse standards, it has been cold. I like snow, but I hate the cold that comes with it. My trick is usually to wear my workout clothes to bed so I can 1) get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning and 2) be already dressed so I don't have to freeze while getting out of my warm pj's and getting into my cold workout workout clothes ARE my warm pj's! For some reason, I just haven't been doing this.

On the Injured Reserve
Then there's my foot. I can't remember exactly when it started hurting, but I think I may have plantar faciaitis. I haven't gotten it officially diagnosed because 1) I don't have the time to take from work to go to the doctor and 2) I am afraid he will tell me to stop running. This happened last year with my stress fracture and I'm not willing to do it again. When I start my run, usually the first mile or so is very painful, but then it eases up and I can finish without a problem. The real pain starts during the day and increases as the day goes on. I bought a Strassburg sock and it surprisingly has helped.

I've been reading that some people get shots to ease the pain, so maybe that's what I'll have to so. I've also read about people suffering through this for months. Ugg...

It's the Holiday Season
Lately the holiday season has been crap. With the exception of my father-in-laws gift and my own gifts, I did all of the shopping for both sides of the family and I sent out all our cards. My mom has resorted to just giving money and I'm beginning to believe that it might just be a good idea. Alex is only 7 and I really want to enjoy Christmas while he still believes.

And with the holiday season comes the holiday weight gain. According to my scale, it looks like I gained 3 pounds which is a lot less than I feel like I gained. My muffin top is getting huge again. Problem is, I know I'm eating crap but I just keep doing it. My husband (AKA Santa) got me a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels. With a little help from Alex (emphasis on LITTLE) we ate the whole bag today. After I ate the bag, I saw there were 6 servings in the bag. Great! I threw the bag away yet, after he got home from work, my husband made sure that he made a comment wondering who ate the 6 serving bag of pretzels. He is still wondering why I got mad and that I'm still not talking to him.

Dreams on Hold for Another Year
I get sad this time of year because once again I haven't gotten my crafty things business rolling. I'm not looking to make millions doing this, but I want to do more and be more serious about it. I think I get reminded of my failure here this time of year because 1) everyone looks back at what they did and didn't accomplish during the past year and 2) this is the time of year I do craft shows and for the last few years I've had the same exact stuff. No wonder nobody buys it...they saw it last year too!

There is Actually Some Good Stuff to Talk About!

With this dark cloud hanging over my head, there is some blue sky trying to peak through:

1) I decided to stick with Coach Kelly and join her at T2 Multisport. I officially start with her on January 1 and I'm really excited because...

2) I'm just about ready to register for the Syracuse 70.3. I discovered that the registration fee goes up in January, so if I'm going to do it, I'm registering now. I saw this quote yesterday:

Since the 70.3 scares the crap out of me, I think I'm OK with the size of this dream!

3) This month I joined Team Tough Chik.

Its a group of women from all over the country and a few outside of the US who run/cycle/do tris and are all around tough. We get our team gear in March which I'm super excited about. This is what the package I ordered will look like:

4) I registered for my first half marathon: the Lake Effect Half Marathon on February 25. I figured this would be a good way for me to keep motivated during the next couple months. So far it really hasn't motivated me...hmm...

5) I received the P90X order I placed through Amazon and I can't wait to start it.

6) Although my crafty thing business isn't quite where I want it, I have made strides in getting my craft room organized. I had a little setback last week because a lot of junk got thrown in the room for our Christmas morning brunch (that's how I clean the house when company is coming!) I have three more days off before heading back to work, so hopefully I can get back on track.

So thank you all for listening to me whine a little. I know once life gets back to normal in a couple days I'll get back on track. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow for a long run, so that should clear my head...amazing how life looks better after a run.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Tri Future


I'm in a weird place right now. About a month ago I declared my intention to register for the Syracuse 70.3. I made this declaration after riding the hilliest part of the bike course. I hate hills, so I needed proof that these hills would not get in my way of finishing the race. I wouldn't be concerned with my time...well, I would be concerned if I didn't finish in under the time limit of 8 hours (I think that's the time limit)...I would just be concerned with finishing. The hills are at the beginning of the bike, so I was concerned that they would derail me early. But, I proved that I could do it without walking, so I pretty much convinced myself that I could do it.

I got into a funk right around that time and Coach Kelly gave me a call to give me a pep talk and some motivation. Although not officially advertised yet, she told me about a triathlon boot camp weekend that was going to be offered on the 70.3. Knowing I could get some intense training during that weekend, I was convinced even more that I could do it.

However, a week later I was informed that Coach Kelly wasn't going to coach through the YMCA any longer. Although I know it was a business decision, it took the wind out of my sails. If I am going to do the 70.3, I need a coach. So, the question became, do I go with Kelly to her new coaching organization (T2 Multisport) or do I stay with the Y and an unknown coach. Money is always an issue for me and T2 would be more expensive. But, I'm thinking I need to stay with Kelly because she gets me and this is not the time to try to get someone new to "get me." So, right now I'm trying to figure everything out. Coach Kelly, if you're reading this, I hope to get this figured out soon! :)


This is the time of year to start planning my race schedule. This will all be tied in with my coaching decision. But, as of right now, here is what I would like to do:

Chilly Chili 5K: Last year it was -7* out for this race and the next day the stress fracture in my right foot showed its ugly head.

Lake Effect Half Marathon: This will be my first half. I registered for this yesterday and hopefully will give me some motivation to get up off my butt and start training again

Tipp Hill Shamrock 4 Mile Run: I had to walk this last year because I was getting over my stress fracture, so I'm looking forward to running it this year.

Not sure, but maybe the Duathlon at Green Lakes

Mountain Goat 10 Mile Run: Due to lack of time training last year because of my stress fracture, I had to walk the hills. This year I plan on running the entire time.

Syracuse 70.3????: Still up in the air and will depend on my coaching situation. At the very least, I will participate in the relay.

Corporate Challenge 3.5 Mile Run: Depending on if I do the 70.3 and how close the two races are to each other, I may do this with my co-workers. I have to redeem myself from a disappointing performance in this year's race.

Musselman Half Iron????: Again, up in the air...if I do a half, I will do Syracuse or this, but not both.

Boilermaker 15K: Want to improve on last year's time

Iron Girl Syracuse Sprint Tri: Want to improve on last year's time...and this year I WILL beat Coach Kelly to Route 11! (Not sure about Coach, but I move to an older age group this year, so that may give me an extra 5 minutes!)

Not sure, but maybe the ARC Half Marathon

If I work for the Empire State Marathon again, I will pretty much be out of commission this month. If not, then maybe I'll do the half.

Jingle Bell Run 5K: Fun way to get in the spirit of the holidays

It's a Wonderful Run 5K: I ran it last year and it was OK. Sounds like I missed a lot of fun with friends this year, so I may go back.