Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recovery Weeks Rock!

I'm finishing up Recovery Week and I just have to say that they rock!!!! Instead of 10-11 hours of training for the week, I only have 8-9...hmmmm, that still seems like A LOT! Oh well, I guess that's the price you pay for registering for a 70.3!

My Crock Pot experiment (AKA "Project Crock Pot") is going well. The plan was to make a Crock Pot meal Monday, leftovers Tuesday, another Crock Pot meal Wednesday, leftovers Thursday, go out to dinner Friday, homemade pizza Saturday, and a more involved meal on Sunday. This plan worked better than expected because we had Sunday leftovers on Monday night which allowed us to stay home and save money Friday. The hubby loved both meals I made, but Alex only liked one of them...luckily we had lots of Sunday leftovers for him. It was so nice to come home from work, smell dinner cooking, and be able to train and/or do stuff around the house without having to stress over cooking. We've had this Crock Pot since we got married 10-years ago and I've only used it a few times...what was I thinking?!?!?! At the rate I'm going, I'm going to wear it out in the next few months! :)

I'm looking forward to my first race in a couple months: tomorrow's Chilly Chili 5K in Cazenovia. I ran it for the first time last year when it was -7*...Chilly was an understatement last year for sure! This year, its supposed to be a tropical mid-30's which will be nice. The hubby is running too, so we're dropping off the boy at my parents and having a date-race.

The day after the Chilly Chili last year is when I discovered the stress fracture in my left foot...hoping its not going to be a trend! I've got my first half marathon in about 4 weeks, so I have no room for a stress fracture now.

Well, that's about it for today. The boy has asked me to play some Wii Ski...we were thinking about taking him downhill skiing for real today, but mother nature decided to melt our snow, so we'll have to settle for fake skiing. Once the hubby gets back from his run, I'm headed out to pick up our packets for tomorrow and he and the boy are going to register for Little League...already?!?!? Its January!!! Where does the time go?!?!?


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adjustments Need to be Made

I've completed my first full week of 70.3 training and I definitely need to make adjustments.

I've discovered a theory of mine is true: I can't workout past 8:00 PM or falling asleep is impossible. Well, not impossible...but if I need to get up the next day at 5:00 AM, then I'm not going to get to sleep early enough for me to wake up at that time and actually be able to function properly. I need to get my workouts done first thing in the morning (between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM) or right after work. I get out of work at 3:00 PM to get Alex off the bus at 3:45 PM then I help him with his homework for a little while. In a perfect world, I would get a second workout done after homework and before dinner.

That brings me to dinner. This second workout would be at the same time I would be cooking dinner. How am I going to do both? My adjustment: become better friends with my Crock Pot.

How easy will it be to turn it on when I leave for work and have dinner done around the time Dan gets home at 5:45ish? The other day I went through and picked out a dozen recipes each for beef, pork, and poultry dishes and I assigned them to certain days for the next few weeks. My hope is that I will do a Crock Pot dish on Monday with leftovers on Tuesday. Another dish on Wednesday with leftovers on Thursday. We usually go out to eat on Friday and Dan makes pizza on Saturday. Since we are home on Sunday, we can make a dinner that is more involved. I'm going to give this a shot for the next few weeks and see how it goes. The trick is going to be finding something that Alex will eat too. Hmmm...may be my biggest challenge!

And then there's swimming...I hate trying to find time to find a lane at the Y. And I hate circle swimming. Actually, let me clarify. I don't mind circle swimming if I'm in a class, but I hate circle swimming when everyone in the lane is doing their own thing. So, I thought I found a perfect way to get in three swims a week:
1) Master's Swim, Sunday morning at 8:15 AM
2) Tri Swim Clinic, Wednesday night at 7:20 PM
3) Open Swim Lane during Alex's swim lesson, Friday afternoon at 4:40 AM

So, yesterday, I bring Alex to swim and I start stripping down to my suit and putting flippers, my cap, goggles, etc. at the end of the lane. Next thing I know, the lifeguard is telling me the lane is for swim lessons. Since when?!?!?! I've been swimming during Alex's swim lessons for a couple of months! I'm told the change happened January 2...oh, by the way Miss Lifeguard, I swam during his lesson on January 6 and no one said a thing. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! What really infuriated me was they had 5 small kids taking up two lanes and part of the time they weren't even in the lanes, they were diving off the edge outside of both lanes.

Now I'm going to have to 1) go down to two days of swimming (coach probably isn't going to go for that) or 2) find another time to swim. Not looking forward to possibly doing it in the early morning. There are four lanes at 5:30 AM, but there are LOTS of people there trying to use them. Back to the drawing board I guess to make more adjustments. Booooo!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Syracuse 70.3 Training Day 1: 162 Days and Counting

Today was my first official day of training for the Syracuse 70.3 on June 24 which is 162 days away...23 weeks from tomorrow. Some people might think that's a lot of time, but I know it's not. I mean, it's definitely enough time for me to get ready, but it will go by fast...VERY FAST! I have definitely found a way for summer to arrive quicker than normal!

Today's workout from Coach Kelly was my long run. Last week's long run of 90 minutes went well for the first 80 minutes, then that's when the problems started. For some reason, my right knee started hurting. Not shooting, sharp pains, but just an overall soreness. I slowed to a walk and it felt better, so I started to run again. After a minute or so, it returned. This continued for the rest of my run. I was kind of bummed because I was aiming for an 8+ mile run and I only reached 7.95. Yeah, I know I only missed it by 0.05, but that kind of stuff ticks me off.

For the rest of the day my knee hurt and I had a lot of soreness just walking around the house. It did feel better after taking some ibuprofen, but I didn't want to just cover the pain, I wanted it to go away for good. On Sunday it felt better and it felt even better on Monday. Wednesday was my next run, so I borrowed an old knee brace from my hubby and I had no pain at all. Wore the same brace today and had absolutely not pain. I didn't even have any pain in my foot which has been bothering me with what I suspect is plantar faciaitis.

Of course, Coach Kelly had me do a combo walk/run which on one hand is fine because I knew it would help me recover and get back on track, but on the other hand it made me mad because I don't want to regress because I'm also training for my first half marathon in 6 weeks. Frustrating, but I obeyed.

Coach Kevin's run group was going to Green Lakes Park today, but it was snowing a lot in the morning, so I decided to head to Onondaga Lake Park instead because 1) it's closer and 2) this is where the half is. When I got there it was snowing pretty hard. If anything, it would help me be prepared in case the half has weather like this. During the first quarter to third of my run, I met a lot of runners coming toward me. Then all of a sudden, I was by myself. It was so peaceful. The quiet and the lightly falling snow was amazing. At one point, I couldn't see a single person ahead of me which is odd for this park...and I loved it! My legs were a little chilled, but I was pretty comfortable.

My run was 15 min warm up with a walk/jog...I did a 13 min easy run with 2 min walk. Then for the last hour I did 18 min easy run with 2 min walk between. I finished with a 75 min run completing 5.67 miles. Again, frustrating because I ran 2+ miles more last week, but I need to be patient. When I got home and downloaded my workout in Training Peaks I discovered I was supposed to run 90 min...oh well!

My hubby and son met me after my run and I documented day one of Syracuse 70.3 with this picture:

So, an overall good start to my training.

If you ready my post from yesterday, you read I'm also diving into my crafting. And today I came up with a name for my business. Not going to announce it here until I make it official with the appropriate government officials, but I'm pretty happy with the name and the colors I chose.

Oh, and since nutrition has been a hurdle of mine, I'm concerned with it for the race. I came up with a creative way to police my eating: any time I want to eat something I'm going to ask myself, "Is this 70.3 worthy?" If there's any doubt in my mind, I'm not going to eat it.

Well, going to work on a craft or two before the Syracuse University Basketball game. And after that, going to head out for a girls night out for a friend's 50th birthday. Maybe some pics of that tomorrow.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Screw the Comfort Zone!!!!

I've decided my 2012 New Year's Resolution (Yes, 2 weeks late!) is this: Screw the comfort zone! I'm so sick of floating through life and not challenging myself. Well, I shouldn't say I don't challenge myself. Up until two years ago, I never did a triathlon and now I've done 4 (well, 3.5 since one turned into a duathlon due to Hurricane Irene, but it's close enough!) And up until last year I thought people who ran the Mountain Goat (10 miles through the city of Syracuse and up two of it's biggest hills) and the Boilermaker (15K through the city of Utica) were nuts. OK, they are nuts, but now I'm one of those nuts!

But so much of my life has been spent wanting to do things, but then avoiding them because I was afraid I would fail. But, I need to start remembering the following quote:

I've been debating whether to try a half Ironman race, but have been scared. I've been especially nervous about doing the Syracuse 70.3 because I hate riding hills on the bike and the beginning of the bike course is pretty hilly. Today was the last day before the price goes up again, so I finally took the plunge and registered. What's the worst thing that will happen if I fail to finish this race? I'll be out $250 + processing fees. So what?!?!?!

Another thing I've got to get off my a$$ and do it get my crafting business going. I've been wanting to design cute sport related t-shirts for about 15 years now. Volleyball used to be my passion before I got into triathlons and running. I have four sketch books full of designs that I drew that I wanted to turn into t-shirts. I wanted to learn how to do screen printing and make them to sell. I actually bought a kit at a craft store that teaches you how to make your own screens to make t-shirts. But have I actually done it yet???? No!!!! Why??? Who knows!!! I'm afraid once I start to put the solution on the screen that I'll mess it up somehow. And what's the worst thing that will happen if I mess up the screen???? I'll have to get a new screen!! So what?!?!

I've been debating my craft business: What do I call it? Do I sell on Etsy? What about getting a dba? Blah, Blah, Blah... Just shut up and do it!

I've had it with my dragging my feet and I'm now giving myself until the end of February to get up and running. I keep thinking I need a weekday to get downtown to take care of my dba and I now know I'll have a couple days in February when I'll be home with Alex while he's on school break and we're going down there and taking care of business (no pun intended!), darn-it-all!!!

I'm getting really excited now!!! This weekend is a training for 70.3 launch / crafty thing weekend and I'm so excited!!! The only thing other than training and crafting will be Alex's basketball game, watching the SU basketball game, and church...actually church can count toward both because I'll be doing lots of praying on both fronts!

Is it me or have I been using way too much punctuation in this post?!?! ;)

So, tonight, I'm going to relax while it snows and blows outside, have a nice glass of wine (or 2 or 3 or...) and toast to my resolution:

To the Comfort Zone! Screw it!!!