Friday, January 13, 2012

Screw the Comfort Zone!!!!

I've decided my 2012 New Year's Resolution (Yes, 2 weeks late!) is this: Screw the comfort zone! I'm so sick of floating through life and not challenging myself. Well, I shouldn't say I don't challenge myself. Up until two years ago, I never did a triathlon and now I've done 4 (well, 3.5 since one turned into a duathlon due to Hurricane Irene, but it's close enough!) And up until last year I thought people who ran the Mountain Goat (10 miles through the city of Syracuse and up two of it's biggest hills) and the Boilermaker (15K through the city of Utica) were nuts. OK, they are nuts, but now I'm one of those nuts!

But so much of my life has been spent wanting to do things, but then avoiding them because I was afraid I would fail. But, I need to start remembering the following quote:

I've been debating whether to try a half Ironman race, but have been scared. I've been especially nervous about doing the Syracuse 70.3 because I hate riding hills on the bike and the beginning of the bike course is pretty hilly. Today was the last day before the price goes up again, so I finally took the plunge and registered. What's the worst thing that will happen if I fail to finish this race? I'll be out $250 + processing fees. So what?!?!?!

Another thing I've got to get off my a$$ and do it get my crafting business going. I've been wanting to design cute sport related t-shirts for about 15 years now. Volleyball used to be my passion before I got into triathlons and running. I have four sketch books full of designs that I drew that I wanted to turn into t-shirts. I wanted to learn how to do screen printing and make them to sell. I actually bought a kit at a craft store that teaches you how to make your own screens to make t-shirts. But have I actually done it yet???? No!!!! Why??? Who knows!!! I'm afraid once I start to put the solution on the screen that I'll mess it up somehow. And what's the worst thing that will happen if I mess up the screen???? I'll have to get a new screen!! So what?!?!

I've been debating my craft business: What do I call it? Do I sell on Etsy? What about getting a dba? Blah, Blah, Blah... Just shut up and do it!

I've had it with my dragging my feet and I'm now giving myself until the end of February to get up and running. I keep thinking I need a weekday to get downtown to take care of my dba and I now know I'll have a couple days in February when I'll be home with Alex while he's on school break and we're going down there and taking care of business (no pun intended!), darn-it-all!!!

I'm getting really excited now!!! This weekend is a training for 70.3 launch / crafty thing weekend and I'm so excited!!! The only thing other than training and crafting will be Alex's basketball game, watching the SU basketball game, and church...actually church can count toward both because I'll be doing lots of praying on both fronts!

Is it me or have I been using way too much punctuation in this post?!?! ;)

So, tonight, I'm going to relax while it snows and blows outside, have a nice glass of wine (or 2 or 3 or...) and toast to my resolution:

To the Comfort Zone! Screw it!!!

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  1. YEAH!! Screw the comfort zone!! LOVE IT!!!! (there is no possible way to use too much punctuation in a post like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)