Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm Tri-ing...I REALLY Am!

When I originally created this blog, it was mostly to document my journey in triathlon.  Not only was I doing TRIathlons, but I was TRYing to do my best at them.  Today's post, however, is about the fact that I really TRY to do my best at everything: parenting, marriage, work (both work that I NEED to do and WANT to do), life in general, eating healthy, exercising, my crafting, etc.  I always feel like I TRY to do my best, but I don't always succeed.  In my attempt to be my best, I gather lots of information from all over: books, magazines, the internet, etc.  I always seem to be gathering, gathering, gathering...but I never seem to have the time or energy to be DOing these things.  I guess the gathering is the TRYing.

My latest obsession in the area of gathering is Pinterest.  Not quite sure the amount of time I've spent gathering on this site, but I'm sure I've wasted plenty of time.  Below is a list of the boards I have created so far and the number of things I've pinned:

  • Crafty Things I Like (137 pins)
  • Healthy Recipes (60 pins)
  • Fitness (13 pins)
  • Hair and  Makeup (7 pins)
  • Not-So-Healthy Recipes (5 pins)
  • Fun Parenting Stuff (8 pins)
  • Organizing (20 pins)
  • Entertaining (1 pins)
  • Clothes/Outfits I like (45 pins)
  • Motivating Quotes (3 pins)
  • Decorating (2 pins)
  • Funny Stuff (3 pins)
  • Christmas Ideas (3 pins)
Now, when I look at these boards I wonder: When in the hell am I going to have time to do all these crafty things????  When am I going to have time to make all these healthy and not-so-healthy recipes????  And I'm sure these outfits are I look at these ideas when I'm staring at my closet every morning???  Most of these outfits I could do with my current clothes, but instead I just stare and end up throwing on a boring top and pants and head out the door feeling frumpy.

So, why do I bother gathering...or TRYing???  I'm so sick of gathering...I want to be DOing!!!  I'm just so unmotivated.  In a way I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom and do all these cute things.  Anyone want to pay me to be Martha Stewart???  Why is there so much pressure on us moms in today's world to live up to these Martha Stewart standards??  I just want to curl up on a couch and stay there for about a month, but instead, I'm going to issue myself a challenge.

Each week I want to attempt to tackle 3 Pinterest ideas.  That's about one idea every other day.  Can I do it???  Possibly.  And, with the crafty things, I'd really like to challenge myself to accomplish the things where I can use supplies I already have.  I'd really like to use some of these ideas for Christmas presents.  Money is tight, so why not use supplies I've already paid for rather than buying brand new things??  

I'll get back to you in a few days.  For now, I'm off to my boards to see which ones I will tackle first.  

Until then, I'm signing off from the Mommy's Try-ing Do-ing Blog!!!!!

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